Sunday, 7 April 2013


Well what do you sooner have I mentioned for the umpteenth time that the government wants to erase the term disability from the Department of Work and Pensions than a bulletin pops up on BBCi that I can copy and post up.

Despite the liars thinking they have an automatic right to ten times more than that which was previously awarded to the worst affected disabled people they continue their plan to remove them from having any rights to benefits our help.

This in only phase one...what an I saying?! No phase ONE took place about 4 years ago when people suffering from severe mental health problems were all stealthily revived from DLA. No this would be phase two or three in the destruction our complete removal of the legal requirement to financially help people with disabilities. It is also not the final phase either!

Now that the word Disability or Disabled had been removed entirely they can spend the next couple of years up to the next election to play on this missing term to screw the Katy if the people off it so they can then tell everyone how wonderful they are they they reduced the national debt?!

Hmm I keep naming George Osborne and he keeps remaking on this subject in the news but have I accidentally but deliberately been naming him to get him to react when I should be Nanjing that other idiot Ian Duncan Smith?!


The Chump Party they should be known as, as a but of humour but I think the real nickname they will be awarded will not have any humourous intent and be write derogatory in nature, lol.

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