Friday, 19 April 2013


Well that was somewhat weird.

I woke up this morning to a ringing phone at 8.45am from an unknown number and it seemed I had one late last night too.

But I felt somewhat different as I woke up and was finding it difficult to come around and every part of my body felt is if it was ten times heaveir than it was the previous day?! Even lifting my hands alone seemed difficult and as I looked at the phone I then dropped it.

After awhile as I put more effort into rising I felt some soreness down my spine and eventually I got to my feet and felt some soreness on my calf muscles too.

With all that and my heavy head and real woozy state I wondered why I had felt like this and then remembered the EMG needles and that the parts that now ached and seemed stiff were parts that has a needle wriggled about inside them.

The woozy head and heavy feeling was a bit weird but I realised the test yesterday was to do with most of it but had not had one placed in my head, though not far away with my right shoulder.

I thought I had better read the notes that came with the appointment letter, well beyonw the part stating what was required of me before the test that is. AS I descnded the stairs I thought well if that guy was no Doctor and was indeed WORKING for another group and has poisoned mme at least I have been put out of my misery of starving to death or being made homeless!!


Sure enough when I read the EMG notes it did stat bruises and sore ness that would last a day.

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