Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Hmm now HERE is an interesting one that has come to my attention.

The group known as MAPPA, or Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (ooh I have shiver down my spine with the word ARRANGEMENTS), look to have been created with the intention of keeping guard on sexual offenders and what a fantastic idea. Great stuff!!

Only I have been warned to keep an eye out for them as sexual offenders is not their ONLY remit?!

I have heard that a better way to describe them is that they are tasked to deal with anyone who is a pain in the arse. On the link below it states anyone who could be of harm to the public and....well I find this to be QUITE DELIBERATELY VAGUE?!


I mean 'harm to the public'? By whose version of 'harm' do you go by and WHY is 'harm' not defined or even given examples of?!

I need to do some more research into this group and to see what they have been reported of doing. I certainly hope for their sakes that they are not meeting about me but then I imagine if there IS a team tasked with dealing with me which their surely must be by now then it stands to reason these would be the ones to do it?!

WELL GET A MOVE ON!! Your taking your sweet time about it?!?!

Ooh I guess I have not made it easy for you and doing anything now will... well turn to pages 4 and 5 of the Daily Star?!

Be careful about getting your hands dirty on this may leave behind fingerprints, lmao!! You would not want to be forever linked with any of the chaos cause would you now?!

You would not want to end up a modern day Joan of Arc even IF deserved?!

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