Monday, 15 April 2013

CORRESPONDENCE WITH MR & MRS A. TOSS-POTTS & Department of Wonkers and Pratts

Yeah well I have seen the whites of everyones eyes on this Atos thing now so...

A few pictures..

Damn it it has mixed the order I clicked on them and there is one missing, I THINK, I will double check tomorrow.

Please note dates of the assessments I did not arrive for, though arranged to be AT MY HOUSE, January 211 and TWO on April 19th 2012 and April 25th 2012?!

These are the assessments that I have now formerly had my benefits cut because of?!?! A bloody year ago and please note what FOLLOWS is my informing the lying twats that escalates into a full blow row with the icompetant morons that include Chief Operating Office Terry Moran who a staff member later says she has never HEAR OF?!?! LMAO!

Somewhere there is a letter,hopefully it is here, where they state that they REACHED my street door and yet a large steel BIN was in front of the door blocking it. Well odd as no one anywhere near me as there own bin, there are steel bins and eveyone's are together 70 yards from my garden gate and you cannot get them down the path to anywhere near my house, gate even as the path is too narrow and one of three paths to my house?!?!

It is a lie and not possible and everything they say or do is a lie. No two ways about it and rather pathetically done and amazed they get away with it in all honesty, a chimpanzee could spot the deliberate mistakes!

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