Friday, 12 April 2013


Well here is one I did not expect today.

What you could not hear on the last audio I posted up is the woman I was speaking to told me they needed to 'assess me' and OVER THE PHONE and that it would be at least a week before they would get around to me due to all they have to do.

Oh yeah loads I bet, little do they know I have fought, battled and tore to shreds one Social Services department beforehand...

...or maybe THEY DO!

I have not long to off the phone to them?!

Now that conversation I posted last night was AFTER my Doctor's appointment which was around 4pm so very late in the day!!

After being told it would be at least a week I get a call prior to 11am the following morning?! Curious?

Hmm I could imagine them all in the office when the room started to flash red on and off and a WHOOOP-WHOOOOOP alarm was sounding and they all looked at each other and said 'ooh feck, it's him ...he is a tricky one and one by one he his bringing down the building blocks of corruption and this money for nothing culture...or he is after our jobs in other words?!".

Then I could imagine someone really cocky going...ooh I will call him no one gets the better of me and the rest are all whispering to each other "yeahhh let VINEGAR TITS call him...she will eat him for breakfast!!"


Of note in the audio is that I accuse them of wriggling out of doing anything, she says no and I say ooh I thnk you are and have plenty of evidence of the council doing that RIGHT HERE!

When she harps on about a diagnosis, which I stupidly fail to pick up on, I then remark about the fact i can produce the names of over FIVE SPECIALISTS and that she then says I need to be assessed?! I then demand to know what she means by that and say "Assessed?! By WHO?! Your own Doctors like Atos have?! Why would I need to be assessed by even MORE Doctors?!


CUE AUDIO!!! My personal details edited out of course!

What do you think they might be thinking now and whoever cannot work out that people do not like being spoken to like idiots or small children well then the people that train you should be shot!!

I was NEVER EVER told to speak to people like that and even if they are ... not on as high a level as you on a specific subject to come down to THEIR level and was a pre-requisite of the PRESENTATIONS you have to go through while achieving a BSc Single Honours Applied Computing Degree from Middlesex University's Bounds Green Campus now sadly gone.

Ohh Dear like the funny Italian character in 'Allo 'Allo used to say... WHATTA MISTAKA TO A MAKE?!

Now she was not quite so clear about the insinuation that if your hands work fine your fucked like the woman the day before but you could see she was on about dressing yourself?!

Also...and I think anyone that has read even just a quarter of this blog, you will see that I do have difficulties and yet again they want it in bite sized pieces in a small tin box?!

Also NOTE PLEASE how the Local Councils, ENFIELD COUNCIL on this occasion, contradict the Department of Work and Pensions by STATING IT IS DOWN TO A DIAGNOSIS?!?!

Also note how i tell her that if I am a soldier coming back without legs I am told I am fecked then?! LMAO.

Note how she ends up telling me that there IS indeed a department of the Council that HELPS?!?!

Also note that she tells me to go to the EDA in Edmonton Green that I have posted emails from regarding Aolani Parker on here?! They were as much help as all the other organisations and all they seem to do is give BAD advice and write letters for you (errrr) or to the government lobbying them about something to justify their jobs or ease the consciences.

I dunno....PICK ONE!! LMAO!

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