Saturday, 6 April 2013


I have remarked how I have been keeping check on a whole series of datas and figures on a great many people and organisations.

I have also likely mentioned I am using a spreadsheet to input that data, a rather large spreadsheet it turns out.

Now I thought I had lost some of my data but as it turns out I have REDISCOVERED part of it and this has been placed into the NEW spreadsheet I created.

Over the next 8 weeks I will INPUT more data I collect.

Now once this is done the figures will allow me to come up with a series of MATHEMATICAL FORMULAS which I then then use to determine a whole series of things based upon the data I have been collecting for the last 6 months for some up to over a year for others.

People as well as numbers are pretty much predictable. Yes there are some variations on a theme but the larger the numbers and the more widespread the audience then the more predictable it becomes.

NOW...any large or peculiar deviations from a given set of numbers and this will reveal that something is crooked and this will be undeniable.

What it will not tell you is who or WHY?!

The question will then remain when the proverbial CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG is that with their previous manipulation of the media coming to an end and they way that they think, or maybe the way the media DO THINK, then who will want to be put up as....


Or in other words which of you organisations will be expected to fall on your swords and be hounded by the media while the others as well as the Satanists get away with it all?!


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