Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Right now I have enough people's attention and seem to be gaining at approximately 1,500 a week and rising let us just post the KNOCK-OUT blow?!

Right to recap....I received DLA up unti 4 years ago when they cancelled.

I have re-applied every so often since then...

So they are fucking well aware off..

Pin my my Heels
Pains in my Ankles
Pains in my Knees
Pains in my Hips
Pains in my Groin
Pains in my BACK, Neck and SHOULDERS.

My Insomnia and Heartburn and that...

I cannot attend early morning appointments half the time....
I cannot travel on public transport in the rush hours and really not good to go far atl all...

I have been asking for help to deal with shopping for two years or more.

I have repeatedly told the DWP all the above REPEATEDLY prior to 2011.

This AFTER they failed to come here three times and the started to ask ME to travel to them?!

Now despite this, they must have really shit computers with very cheap memory that corrupts very easily and have never heard of the Eisenhower Building and what it is for, they CONTINUED to send me these of which I must have between THREE AND SIX of these in my files...

Remember this is AFTER they failed to attend my home to do the assessment...therefore they have already admitted acknowledgement of the fact that they have received and READ my letters and evidence as well as AGREEING that I cannot travel!!

Oh yeah and the morons have put a date on it?!

Branch of Serco and if so these people are running the country?

No wonder we are in the fecking mess we are in?!?!?!

Remember that as well as all I have published recently regarding my hospital visits I have two letters on their way to add to the list...

One for a Pain Clinic or Pain Management which as NOTHING to do with...

One for the pain in my Inguinal Hernia Repair

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