Sunday, 7 April 2013


Well after the shocker with those antenna on lamp posts appearing almost everywhere I spotted some up a dead end street with no houses that goes over the M25 motorway to nowhere?!

So I grabbed some images of normal light sensors in the same vicinity as the camera antenna.

Here is a black one...

Here is a white one...

Here is a black one and a white one on the same LAMP!!

The cameras with antenna are 20 yards away from these and on a different road that goes over this one.

I have absolutely no idea why the cameras were where I found them today and there is no reason whatsoever in them being there. There is NOTHING to see, no one uses this road hardly and it is a dead end and only the odd country house or farm?!

Waste of money unless they are free 60GHz Wifi but I very much doubt it, lmao. Do something FOR US with our OWN MONEY?!?! No against us is all they can ever manage! LMAO!

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