Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Just a few days ago now, and while I decided to stay offline before realising I did not have a choice in the matter anyway, I was contacted with a message to say that my big day was coming in the following week.

I told a few friends about this message and was asked what was meant by it and I said that I do not have the foggiest idea. The phone does something annoying and my friends tell me that their daughter's phone does the same thing and that is every now and the the phone annoyingly connects to the Internet briefly. SO emails and other messages creep through and often these are ones that you want or need to respond to but when you go to do it suddenly you are inundated with screens reminding you that you have no connection and lease pay more money. It is like a wind up quite literally and I cannot help that think that teenagers, like my friends daughter, must go nuts at times wanting to respond and rive their parents 'around the twist' for money to get the connection back to respond or call someone. Nice!

Oddly this was about to happen with me over several days that was to lead to confusion and a discovery or two that was going to somewhat surprise me with the timing and a feeling of coincidence that was just far too great and realise that it was nothing of the kind.

You see this message about my big day or week come through over the weekend and at the time this meant absolutely nothing whatsoever other than making several people scratch their heads. Well that is until this morning when another series of messages seeped through one of these convenient holes!

For a long time I have been concentrating on a number of things while others have been on the back burner and I had stayed...QUIET on them. This is often the best way at times and I can keep various people and groups in the dark and in so doing sometimes other things end up emerging from the darkness and allowing themselves to be seen.

This particular subject is that of my daughter on this occasion and lo and behold messages from her came through the hole in the proverbial net and reached my phone. A couple of hours later I received a phone-call from someone that had nothing whatsoever to do with my daughter but did my NHS and health subject.

As it turns out I discovered just this morning between 9am and midday on Tuesday 30th April 2013, just so everyone is clear here, that not only DO I have a bid day this week but I have two big things that add up to 4 big days?! I was therefore informed by an extremely well informed person that I did indeed have a big week coming up. Well that was extremely clever!

Right first up is the fact that my daughter's message, the first in many, MANY months I might add, requested several times for me to ring her followed by one stating that SHE WAS IN COURT?!

No realise I have been told nothing about this and sometimes I do prefer to stay in the dark on things as it can be...beneficial and like I told my daughter today I am a strong believer in a very old saying and that is that 'NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS'!

Now there could well be a whole range of reasons why I have been kept in the dark but in all honesty it was not important as to what these reasons are be they good or bad because this could only be good or bad for me and not my daughter and if she was not on the phone crying or wanting to do something silly to herself or someone else then everything must be proceeding as I had intended. Due to some quirk I ended up reacquiring my Internet connection 24 hours earlier than I had thought and I ended up calling her. We then spoke a second time and as it turns out this is not the final court hearing except for one small detail, it was not ending today. As a matter of fact neither was it ending tomorrow or the day after that and I was shocked to hear that this was a FOUR DAY HEARING?! I did tell my daughter that this was most unexpected and that normally only when it is a very serious case does it get booked for several days and she said she had thought the same thing like in the case of a murder. My own court case over custody of my daughter in Liverpool High Court barely lasted a day despite all the documentation, accusations and evidence. So this was somewhat of a surprise and fingers crossed it is a very good sign.

Now there were some things I was told that was a cause for concern but like I stated to my daughter, who stated she did not get to say anything at all, this is the first day and it will swing around all over the place and she is not likely to have her say until day three or even four. She did seem calm and composed so it did look to her, at least, that it was going in her favour but what concerned me was the fact that it had been remarked that her children had now lived where they currently do for so long now, with basically crazy and evil people, that it would be too much of a wrench to remove them and place them back with their mother. This was a really stupid thing to state, whoever it was that stated it, as it was not the children's fault nor my daughter's that the children are where they currently are as it was suggested by the council to do this and everyone decided to leave it as it is, which made me suspicious at the time. Also and quite obviously it was not the fault of my daughter or my two grandchildren that this case had taken as long as it did. It sounded to me like everyone that was in the wrong, broken the law, hidden from view some heinous acts were all going to be handed an excuse or get out of jail free card because the justice system takes too long?!

Quite where the common sense in that statement is God only knows, lol. I did say to my daughter about this and I said that that this should never even have escaped anyone's lips and then said 'do you see now why I cannot place my trust in anyone?!' to which she agreed. I felt a little guilty that I have told my daughter that once she had been to a solicitor and got the ball rolling she was home free and when she did the solicitor basically told her as much too and has done every step of the way. But when the stopped for a recess because some evidence had come to light regarding the father of the younger boy who had beaten his pregnant English girlfriend to a pulp, diagnosed has being unstable and violent and to cap it all had told everyone for years his mother was dead but had in reality been lying and returning to Iraq to visit her for years that the judge stated that the Wirral Social Services, who should be the ones on TRIAL HERE, needed to look at this evidence?!

But then when I had given it some thought maybe this was because it reflected extremely badly on the council, which it does as he actually has the boy living with him currently, and they had to be allowed time to come up with excuses...sorry I meant a plausible explanation, lol. I mean if I was to discover that the judge was requesting ADVICE from Wirral Social Services who had gone out of their way, and I mean ACTIVELY, to prevent me from finding out my daughter's whereabouts when she was in care so I could bring her back to London BEFORE she went on to have two children by the age of 16, used and abused by her mother who then stole the children from her so she could sit on her arse and claim money for them....well you could not only see how bad this would look to any decent human being but also it would prove without a shadow of a doubt exactly WHY I do not trust anyone in government! THE END.

So you see to actually go and SEE my daughter, well when I was FIT ENOUGH, I first need to know where she was residing and they did not even respond to letters from my solicitors who themselves were utter shit. I would not have just seen her either I would have brought her back to London with me and in so doing I would have stopped a great deal of the horrors that she had been knowingly put through by the Social Services and Wirral Council from ever taking place! These are facts and the foster carer that had my daughter is not only on my Facebook list but would tell you himself how Wirral Council conspired against his family and knowingly came up with false allegations they came up with after conspiring with my evil and mad ex girlfriend!

You really could not make this shit up.

Indeed for the longest time now I have fully expected … contact from someone pretending to be somebody they are not to...muddy the waters where my daughter was concerned and therefore another good reason that being in the dark, incommunicado, was of great benefit. Indeed even a little outburst just prior to the weekend now looks like someone...whose time was running out which I would not have realised at the time because I was unaware that the court date was right on top of me, lol.

SO there you have it and for those smart ones who have been paying full attention may be wondering why I have not stated a certain..something during all this typing?! Well you do not think I FORGOT, DO YOU?!

OK well yes and once again this damn feeling I had about the four week period between mid-April and mid-May has cropped up yet again?! LMAO!

Oh but wait?! I have … FORGOTTEN SOMETHING! It was not only the text messages from my daughter was it that I referred to at the start?! There was indeed the small matter of a phone-call too?!

Yes a couple hours after my daughter text me I was standing in a friends store when the phone rang with a with-held number. Chase Farm Hospital's Pain Management people called me and stated they wanted to see me this THURSDAY?! What is more I do not have to travel to the Hospital either and they want to meet me at the very first surgery I was registered with when I first moved to Enfield?! One I left because I was being messed around and the one where my GP stated to me that the government have wasted all the money they have taken by giving it to all the wrong people?! That statement was said to me about a year or two BEFORE the recession started!

Now I have no idea if the lies and tricks used by Merseyside Police will come out or not or the 7,200 page file and my attempts to try and contact and why they have a pile of my Christmas and Birthday Cards to my daughter going back for many years. My daughter seems to think so and there has been mention of it all.

First day of the four days (well four days PLANNED) down so we shall now see what transpires over the next few days and hopefully it will be satisfactory for my daughter and me and finally be truly over. FINGERS CROSSED!!

Suddenly becoming more and more curious.

Also beginning to appear to be on that tipping point on a fair number of matters too along with this very blog, LMAO!!

This could turn out to be one hell of a week?!

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