Friday, 5 April 2013


Well about SPYCAM of course!

Now Google are being fined for spying when they should not but UK councils can do it and that IS OK it seems?!

Well ignoring my first instinct on this after seeing odd goings on several times over a week I then see it going on right on the doorstep of people I happen to know and they say...

"Oh have you see this? They are supposed to be cleaning the lights but doing it alot and we think there are cameras in there they are resetting as they seem to be doing it every four months""

Well I already posted the pictures of them. I have since also told you they are reported on the Internet to be in OTHER areas, though I cannot tell you where right now.

I have posted of pictures of them....oooh damn it I knew there was something else to upload from my phone and that was film of these people doing....whatever it is, LMAO, they are doing to the streetlights.

You should check your area for these things and I am interested to know just how many there are around?!

I have seen them up dead and streets and even on footpaths nowwhere near roads and by a river that leads nowhere. It cannot be used as a cut through my an agry mob and leads nowhere, but still there are SEVERAL CAMERAS?

How DO I know this? Well one on this footpath to nowhere is dead level with my bedroom window and about 12 feet from it?!


I think the term 'BIG BROTHER' simply does not go anywhere near far enough to really describe what is going on here?! Even in the film Equilibrium with Christian Bale and Sean Bean and in that society they had no cameras invading your homes?!

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