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Sir & Co is SERCO

I came across something that was provided me by someone else. I do not have the resourced, more is the pity, to investigate and research every single thing but there has long been one thing I have wanted to know the truth about. I also was kind of hoping that this would come my way and allow me to come to even more conclusions during the unfortunate mess we find ourselves in.

Now there have been rumours and reports over the years about who really runs this country and I myself had stated over the years that the government are just a puppet government and someone else pulls the strings.

The Queen herself said that there were dark forces at work in this country, Princess Diana died that no one would stop asking questions about and Doctor David Kelly died very suspiciously to my mind too. Now if there is one thing I hate it is conspiracy theorists or more importantly people proclaiming to be conspiracy theorists but just want to pint the finger of blame for everything at someone they have a hatred for because of some injustice done to them.

With these the more that blame everything on one company or group the more they are ignored and the louder they get and the more they point and so on and so forth. So much so that the very terms 'conspiracy theory' and conspiracy theorists' has a tag and stigma that has nothing to do with either of these words!! Those ones I hate, they lose sight of so many things and become consumed and the only thing they succeed in is self-destruction.

In recent times and from Roswell in New Mexico right up until the deaths of those aforementioned it has been rife. This is stupid and blind in all honesty and if there IS any conspiracy then you are playing straight into the hands of the perpetrators and they love you and laugh at you for it. You meanwhile get diddly-squat.

But if you consider the UK government of recent decades you have not been able to tell, though I cannot get through to Labour fanatics about this, who is in power at any given time since Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?! I have not!

In conversations with different people I have gone from those that think that when the next election comes around (too far away for many) that the Conservatives will be out (DUH! Well YEAH!) and that Labour will get in and everything will be fine again (umm NO!!).

Many have stated that they know things are rotten to the core but just do not know how or why it is rotten nor what to do about it. Many of these are worried that the system will collapse and that they will not know what to do and some are now worried that I am in a position to actually collapse the system.

Well my answers to those statements are well no I will not collapse it but if the system collapsing is the only way to rid the rot and evil then it will not only NEED to collapse but it WILL collapse and the blame lies with those who tried to control, manipulate and rob the United Kingdom. IN fact I am now banning the word United and already had the Great in Great Britain as it is not Great any more and NOR is it UNITED?! It is just full of naïve people who want to live on sound bites only and refuse to see what is right in front of them or how badly others are treated because they themselves have become brainwashed by them and become amoral and only worried about their own arses. These types of people then develop morals overnight and team of with other sufferers and sadly and 99% of the time this is how it works. I bet if I spoke to many religious, and I mean proper religions not ones hell bent themselves on brain washing or keeping women stupid and imprisoned as slaves, I bet many of the religious leaders would agree with me on that morals are chosen by individuals only when it suits them and they NEED them.

So there we are and it brings me back around to the ultimate question and yes it sounds like a conspiracy theory question. But let us get the obvious out the way, hand up who believes that politicians in the UK never EVER carry out what the promise in their manifestos?

Ooh all of you...OK THEN now we are getting somewhere!

Now ask yourself how could this be? What they aint got a clue until they are voted in? They do not have access to the numbers and figures? Ooh go and f....FLY A KITE!

No it is because they are told they are not allowed to or they cannot. So who tells them this then?

Well today I actually found out about a company who are very HEAVILY involved in running the councils as well as the Police?! They are a foreign company and I kid you not?!

Indeed the story came to me thus from an outside party...

My partner worked for the Police and she came home and stated that she was excited as they were having new offices built. As she talked it sounded like something from my favourite TV show Star Trek The Next Generation and that you had all this fancy equipment and that even the lifts (elevators) could provide you with a hot meal by the time you get to your floor?! The husband looked confused and asked how the Police could possibly pay for it?! The PCW replied that it was all being done for FREE!! How could this be? That sort of building does not come for free and they said oh well they provide all the vending machines and the like as well as the canteen. But still this will not pay for that type of building and the PCW was told that if the company thought they would get paid further down the line then they must have a scree loose?! It turned out that the company that 'PAID' for all this also were behind the bike hire scheme in London and also heavily involved in the way councils are RUN?!?!

This is a foreign company but the odd thing about it is it is listed as an ENGLISH company and yet that this is not true and it is only the UK branch of a foreign company?!

I have actually come across this before to do with the government and it is something I pointed out to the media and they failed to report on or ask about and that is Atos, or what used to be Atos Origin who then changed their name to Atos Healthcare. Companies that do that are up to no good 999 times out of 1,000. Atos headquarters in in Paris but if you check there website it is listed as London?!

Now I mentioned previously that I was becoming more concerned about the bloody yanks, or rather the rich/powerful/greedy ones, were showing themselves to me as being a bigger problem to this country than anyone else. Then the corporation tax thing came up which we all know included Google, Amazon, Starbucks and someone else. Well there are probably others too.

Now you might well be asking the origins and name of the company involved in running the Police as well as the Councils and likely many other areas of the UK but more importantly you, and most of all the MEDIA, need to ask WHY?!

AMERICA and the company is SERCO!!

What I want to know is what the fecking hell is going on?

Why is everything being run by Americans in this country? Because some are run by Asians and Russians by any chance?

How the hell did it get to this stage?

Are Brits so bloody brain dead and self obsessed that we need other people to look after us who then go and abuse and/or not provide what they promised?

Well at least we are stepping ever closer to the truth?!

I think...LMAO!!

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