Friday, 12 April 2013


Quote from Wigan Today website..

Hats Off to someone who finally states what I have been saying for bloody years and that is when the walking distance was 50 yards!!

So the government said it is to be fairer and they reduce the distance from 50 yards to 30 yards?!?!

Well all they have to do is reduce it to ZERO and they have cured all ailments and diseases in one fell swoop?!?!?! HAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

Hmm now I wonder how many more people went fro being disabled to fully fit over night ON THAT NIGHT?! Lordy, lordy...ITS A MIRACLE!!! LMAO!!

Now for the love of god I plea to the naive and STUPID ones ... THINK for one moment....

If you have a loved one in the armed forces and they come back alive but missing limbs do you think that THIS IS THE WAY TO TREAT ANY HUMAN BEING?!

Only humans need to reply. LMAO!

Well done to those of you who pass judgement on others. Things aren't always as they seem. I used to be a senior manager at good old GUS in Wigan. Unfortunately, I had to give up work. I now have a access to a motibility car, dla and carers allowance and I'd swap them all for my son to be neurotypical! 
My son is 11, he can walk, in fact he can run faster than most, because he doesn't have a physical disability, he has a severe autistic spectrum condition. This means he has very little speach and in some respects has the mental age of a 4 year old. He would quite happily run out into a road, but he wouldn't stop if he sees a car, he would expect the car to stop for him.
I can't tell you how many dirty looks I get when I park in a disabled space, because he looks just like any other 11 year old, until you attempt to have a conversation with him. 
I wonder how the new assessment will take into account the needs of people like my son. 
Can he walk 30 yards?.......Yes.........Congratulations, it's a miracle, your son is no longer disabled!

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