Sunday, 14 April 2013


Now it is nigh on mid April and coming up this week is the start of something that will take a minimum of four weeks and as much as eight weeks to complete.

Now in certain cases, namely me, I am not sure what is going to happen over these next eight weeks.

Currently my Benefit has been cancelled for the second time and I have NOT been put onto ANYTHING else and told I no longer get any money of any kind!!

Added to this another benefit has been cancelled and the is my Local Housing Allowance or as they wrongly called it Housing Benefit.

Now the question is what will come first for this disabled person?


On top of this I HAD thought that my working my butt off and my efforts would afford me some of the money I had lost over several years and I could REPLACE what I was already defrauded out of, get things I need to help me as well as get things I want as well as need for the work I already started.

SO here is a few shopping lists...

Household SHOPPING:

Quilts, Pillows and Covers.

Air Cooler or Air Conditioner

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (small one I can use while standing upright)

Oil Free Chip Fryer

Bread Maker

Mechanical Potato Peeler



40" TV had stolen by Waltham Forest Council 4 years ago

Blu-Ray Player I had stolen by Waltham forest Council 4 years ago

Omega Watch I had stolen by Waltham Forest Council 4 years ago

Mountain Bike I had stolen by Waltham Forest Council 4 years ago.


AMD FX 8350 Windows 7 PC with Radeon HD7970GHZ Graphics and 240GB SSD

AMD FX 6350 Linux PC with nVidia 660 Graphics with 750GB Hybrid Drive for work

So I have done the work of many others worth about £250,000 while asked for nothing. Done a years work coming up I should already be receiving money for but am curiously not and having the benefits cancelled that will see me starve to death or be homeless in the coming weeks, whichever comes first!

It is mid April 2013 and a two phase period has started first one ends mid-May and second one Mi-June...



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