Tuesday, 16 April 2013


This what was stated by who I took as an MP with a lisp. I think he was called Professor by the BBC chap.

Well I believe they will and I think all the decent British public will show respect and not cause trouble...

where they live in Australia, Spain, Germany, America, New Zealand, South Africa and other parts of Europe and Asia?!


Here, however, they are so pissed off I very much doubt it. Oddly though I hope there is no trouble I think you will find that any that does occur is not down to Margaret Thatcher as such but more due to the state that the Kingdom (word United is no banned from blog lol) or Britain (word Great now banned from blog) is in currently and had been for the last few years and if you do not understand why then you do not deserve to hold ANY of your positions which Erik be proved after any trouble when your choice of words due to blindness and naivety will only fuel the rage further into 2013.

Oh my word that is tomorrow, lol. Now where is my hard hat?

Actually I think I will go out, putting side jokes like my previous one about the big fight live.

Hmm will take my Walkman out with me and have a listen in now and then but go somewhere nice and quiet.

Remember if you rot your only doing what they want you to and destruction to public buildings you will only end up during the bill at the doorstep of the British Public..

Or as I like to call it...shooting yourself in the foot, lol.