Saturday, 6 April 2013



Well surely you could not possibly mean, or be stupid enough, to claim that is what the CHURCHES are after??? Stupid because of my Satanist jibes of course, lol.

Headline grabbing? Hmm you do not mean me do you?

Of course you could not mention me could you? Otherwise suddenly everyone would search me out, find this site, see what I have and the game would be UP! Hmm a bit of Game Pie?

I remember reading this and thought....'he really did not just accuse churches of headline grabbing, surely to God?!' pardon the pun, lol. I thought of anyone else who had been badgering him about this and other than the Labour party, some I know to be viewing this blog anyway, I could not think of anyone other then me.

Although anyone using this is bound to keep my name out of it. This I knew all too well. No one would want the other side to know about me and this blog but the truth is that they BOTH KNOW!!!


Each time a jibe is made about me and each time a reference is made to one of my posts the other side normally knows it is from me or about me 80% of the time. Of course not everything will hit the news and it is possible that very little has to do with me and this blog. But they DO use it and are BOTH aware of it.

What I would like to know if it turns out that the headline jibe is about me is what he thought I was trying to make a headline for and what I hope to achieve.

After all I am now aware that you cannot make money from Blogger or Google Adsense  and I can not only prove this but I can also PROVE when I became aware of this fact and it is inescapable!!!

So try again Mr Osborne, you might get lucky eventually otherwise if you are having a jibe at me, please fire away by all means!

I did state that to out think me would be one hell of an achievement and believe me when I state that some things that I do are not mentioned in ANY DIGITAL format at all nor spoken about over the airwaves and this means that which I refer to above.

Someone has decided I am not to make any money and highly likely so I cannot hire a solicitor no doubt.

Only the longer all this continues the more my message knits together piece by piece and that builds a big picture of the real world.



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