Monday, 22 April 2013


Well I will just put this up, I have not been trough it all as yet but I have spied a few interesting names thus far.

But thought some of you might want to flick through it yourselves as it may be that wherever it is you are located that these people may be closer to you and indeed all of us than you might think.

They certainly fit perfectly into place for what I had guessed a very long time ago and seems to be here in black and white, so to speak.

But it will take a great deal of research on my part and I know not if I will get the time or EVER get the time as I am now counting down the days to being homeless completely out of the blue and highly probable that it is sour grapes becaue of the existnce of this blog?!

Crikey sour grapes? God help me if they ever get angry, lmao!

Is anyone else beginning to think that some arse-wipe sold the UK's soul to the devil?! Figure of speech you understand, LMAO.

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