Thursday, 4 April 2013


While out in agony and then suddenly realising why I was suffering so bad of late was due to the long and bitter winter I realised that maybe it is time that I did declare...something else on my blog here on blogger, lol.

In 43 years I can honestly state there has been very little that I have found worth living for...but sometime ago I did find something...

...worth DYING FOR.

There were of course many dangers to starting out on this path and a great many organisations were going to have their proverbial noses placed on the far sides of their faces.

But this was to help that majority of innocent people from going through everything that I did as well as that of my own daughter, her brothers and my two grandchildren.

If I have to die so that others might live without the nightmares I have endured then be it!

But I will take down all that is evil with me I assure you all of that!

Maybe the the weak really will inherit the Earth?! LMAO!

You could call it A LEGACY if you like!

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