Monday, 22 April 2013


Well here you go...

Was walking up Baker Street in Enfield when I see this guy who looked Turkish our Arab jump out if this Mercedes like a Springbok in the mating season!

He looked in his twenties and had slicked stylish hair ths had much time and money on it.

If you look closely at the car you will note what caught my attention in that he was fiddling on his dashboard with something and I realised it was a blue badge?!

I know the flat above the power shop and there its no one living there with any disabilities whatsoever. Indeed often I an in the store I hear the ceiling banging about very loud sure to people running about upstairs and sewn then go into the flat with football gear on including boots.

I cannot even get a bus ticket from Enfield Council?!

If this is not a clear indication to them provoking a race war and unrest in the UK between British and Foreigners them I do not know what else people would need?!

There is no other reason to explain away how unfair they are towards British people currently!


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