Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Like everything else that has gone before normally any trouble, uprising, unrest or indeed revolution needs a catalyst.

A couple of years back this was when Mark Duggan got shot and despite the very idea that the majority of young people went nuts based in the death of someone who many or may have not been a local villain the truth was the something snapped.

The odd thing is I have been trying to figure out what it could be to start of anything else of the older generations, you know the ones that called all the young ones villains two years ago without giving it any thought or credence. Sound bites and knee jerks and I am afraid to say that now you are finding out that nature, or in other words WE, just do not work that way. You cannot take life and human nature and place it into a little box with a simple label on it.

Unfortunately this is what the authorities and the government has been doing for quite some time, that pressure cooker effect!

Then I heard two night ago and while falling asleep during a news bulletin that Margaret Thatcher had died! I was a bit shocked at this though I knew she was fairly old.

I remember thinking here we go again, we will get TWO WEEKS of nothing else but this in the news and the funeral covered from every single angle of the cemetery and just about everyone linked to Margaret Thatcher coming out to say what a wonderful person she is.

I even thought at the time "oh god that will piss off a HUUUGE number of the public no end having that shoved down their throats!!"

Now at the time I did not stop to think and I forgot all about it. Today is Wednesday and yesterday I did not go out due to pain on Monday while I was out. I had limped home leaving my friends store earlier than I had wanted to, becoming increasingly more frequent that is lately, due to pains in my back and groin. My biggest concern right now is the groin as it affects me while cycling.

Well after a few cock-ups on my part with my money, not helped by the fact that the RBS digital banking is yet again screwing up (today my £40 Peter Storm jacket purchase from Millets several days ago only just appeared?!) and there is £10 missing and I do not know where it is. Well i went out with some loose change I had as I was out of milk and butter. After that I was enjoying the sunlight and walked to my friend's store. During several conversations they mentioned about Margaret Thatcher's death and I had forgotten and as I was at Sainsbury's I spotted a newspaper article while in a queue that said they were going to spend £10 Million on her funeral, funny as my grandfather had to pay for my dad's funeral, as they reckon they would need armed Police to stop people causing trouble and I thought...WHAT?! Oh get away!!!

I mentioned this and that they were expecting trouble and i said well if they keep going on about what a wonderful person she was and I had already seen one newspaper harping on she was more popular and a better Prime Minister than Winston Churchill only to have them laugh and say no way. I then said no this newspaper STATED she had actually BEATEN Winston Churchill in some poll and that I thought there is no fecking way on earth that she came out more popular and I very much doubt she could even come in second.

You see much of what the people, or WE, hate in the UK today she actually started the template for. For this she is sorely remembered and the only thing that they can harp on about with Margaret Thatcher is the Falkland's War! I said why would they want protection at her funeral and that despite her being hated I do not think that the public or any groups for that matter could be THAT pissed off and THAT ANGRY to actually GATECRASH a FUNERAL?! I said I cannot see anyone rioting over this unless they are pissed off that David Cameron is trying to sound like her by stealing her lines, something I remarked about before and clearly stated it was NOT WISE to do.

They both looked at me confused and said "they wont riot?! They are ALREADY RIOTING, have you not seen the newspapers?!" and I replied "ooh get away?! No way, your joking?!" to which they then presnted me with the newspaper I have to my left!

Daily Star Wednesday April 10th 2013 pages 4 and 5 and details of riots in BELFAST, GLASGOW, BRISTOL, LIVERPOOL and LONDON?!

I laid the newpaper out atop an aquarium lid and flicked back and forth with my mouth open wide spluttering out "but...but...WHAT?!?! Wait....WHAT?!?! How come I missed this?!?! I must have been buggered and not seen the TV NEWS?!" to which they then said that they fully noticed what I had been saying for awhile and that it was not shown on the TV News?!

Sure enough I did a check on my Android App of the BBC News and went through the entire: Main Headlines, UK, England and Politics and there was nothing about the riots around the UK. Oh bad show, that is bound to only make things worse and it is like I said...

...BY DESIGN?! Nobody can be that stupid and naive to continue on in this vein when it is clearly going to be a problem. Even the newspapers are now having to admit to it and cover it, or at least the ones that possess far more intelligence than those that do not. You see those that do not cover these things will themselves become a real focus for all manner of groups.

Once it s obvious, especially the BBC with all the negativity they have had of late, it will be somewhat difficult say to air your news program containing nothing of any riots or protests when you have bricks and molotov cocktails coming though your windows?!

Or maybe that is why you moved to new premises recently? Maybe you could foresee this and managed to buy or build a building whereby your anchor men sit in a room in the centre of the building as you have been told that you could beocme a focus for not reporting things and that the protesters could target you?! So filming in the centre of a building the microphones will not be able to pick up the smashing windows?

Nahh they could not be that naive as every other TV news channel on the planet, not just the British ones, will all be camped outside filming it. By the end of that week there would be no BBC left, quite literally.

Hmm I had better not explain then that the BBC killed my father and how?!


After all I would not want anyone getting killed?!

Hurt? No I could not care less about that after all if the people doing the protesting have suffered half as much as I have over the last twenty years, well they are making the people who caused them that SUFFERING to have some of it back, not all but some.

After all if I PERSONALLY wanted to get back at them and return what they had done to me they would all have to be dead at the end of it and there would be a fair few bodies piled up.

Nope for me murder and the taking of a human, or indeed in many cases INHUMAN, life is not on the agenda and never will be. Besides death is an easy way out. Death would have been an easy way out for me instead of everything that I not only endured but that they are still trying to make me endure.

This is why I have warned them. I have been battered down to my knees on so many occasions that this is not an option any longer. The mere thought that they are not only going to attempt to do this again but are making it bloody obvious that they are is filling me with rage and I keep dancing to their tune, except on here of course, and still they lie and cheat.

Well i can tell you and I do not particular care if anyone disagrees and you can disagree all you want but you will be wrong.

Smashing someone in the face does not even come close to what they do to people and I would rather take a beating physically than EVER go through that again.

I cannot emphasize this enough and if they are going to put my home in jeopardy and with my diminishing ability to get about without ever increasing pain then I am afraid I am going to have to make a stand and put on one hell of a show.

I do not want to and will try my best to avoid it but once I am in that corner I will come out fighting and I will promise them that what I will give them they will wish to god they had NEVER thought they could take me on and win and had NEVER heard my name.

Do not provoke a man who has been though it all and has nothing to lose?! Especially with the knowledge and skill set that I possess. I really would not recommend it, really I would not.

You know my father, when i had done something wrong and was expecting a clip around the ear, would hold his hand up and say "You see THIS hand? You see this HAND HERE?" and I would go "YEAH!" while flinching and protecting the side of my head nearest his hand...

.. when all of a sudden he would whack me with the other hand and say "WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING MY OTHER HAND!!"

Now for those out there that are reading this and think I have no idea that you RAE INDEED READING IT...



In a few months time I will tell you what the word 'HAND' in the above statement REALLY MEANS?!?!


Now back to the TOPIC in question!!!

I am actually aghast that the people are that angry that the death of a focus of hate of the person everyone see's as the template of the UK's current problems would riot and indeed riot on the day of the funeral.

Now in all honesty things must indeed by closer to boiling point than even I THOUGHT they were!!!

Now if this is not indicative of not only the nations true feelings then I do not know what is.

Oh and Mr Cameron, I said it before and now I will EMPHASIZE it. Stop stealing Margaret Thatcher's LINES!! I did not state this previously because of plagiarism, obviously this is OK at the schools you attended but not mine, but that trying to portray yourself as the new Margaret Thatcher will only get yourself killed.

So you could say I was trying to save your life, though I wonder why I bother at times?!

Same old me, doing the right thing while your underlings and jobsworths keep trying to stick the knife into my life!!

So stop with the Thatcherisms before it is too late!

Carry on and I am sure people will quote this post in a couple months time as proof that you were deliberately inciting rioting.

Oops, I did it AGAIN!

Yes and i completely failed to see Margaret Thatcher's death and the coverage of it by the TV Media as the absolute Catalyst to all the rioting and Unrest to come but I can be naive and blind.

Yes OK I am two days late in realising but YES I can see it now. Covering the event on TV will be tantamount to deliberate incitement of riots I am afraid and would be very bad taste, in very bad timing at a time with the Conservative's in power that is officially worse than when Margaret Thatcher was in power and with George Osborne unable to swallow his pride and admit he was wrong and drag the entire country down with him as it is obvious he has the gonads of a jelly fish when it comes to making the real criminals whose tax they failed to pay could save this country and its disabled people. In other words Google, Amazon, Starbucks and anyone else that have been up to no good and syphoning all our cash out of the UK leaving us a dried out old husk of a shell.

I digress, lmao.

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