Monday, 22 April 2013


Right it seems the rude and arrogant attitude of the help organisation that does absolutely nothing I have ever witnessed, outside of helping illegal immigrants claim things they have no right to.

As  result and just like last time I have torn strips of of them and you will note that in the email specifics I have two names of Janet and Denyse so speaking with someone with a multiple personality?!

Those that do not see the problem do not understand the English language as well as I do whchthese people quite obviously do NOT!

First lack of acknowledgement about my BLOG or what I have done to help people, more than they effing have believe me, nor even a thinks for offering them the data I possess. No a ticking of like a little boy that sounds a great deal like that of everyone else I research and investigate, like teachers talking to very your children, or big brother or GOVERNMENT, LOL.

Since I last had a meeting with them I have seen precious little of them in the media at all as far as the lobbying is concerned.

Someone stated to me only today that the CAB office are only concerned about their own jobs and IF true, and it loks to be, it is because despite the absolute mess we are in and the blatant disregard for human life CAB are worried that they will be shown to be the toothless wast of space organisation that they ARE!


Unless of course you just climbed out a rowing boat that got lost off the Straits of Gibraltar and do not speak a word on English and only Arabic then they will help you?!



  1. You are totally right.It is not only their ''LACK OF RESPECT''.They WIND PEOPLE UP with Legal terms, and they treat everybody like we were STUPID.The same applies to The Cyrenians.
    Not to mention,that you have to BOOK for an specific appointment THREE WEEKS earlier,and the time you have to be awaiting in that ridiculous waiting room.UNACCEPTABLE.
    I really hope The Citizens Advice Bureau will R.I.P for good.
    The Citizens Arrogant Bullshit.

  2. Just spoken to CAB about a mobile phone contract. CAB were siding with the mobile service providers rights even though i had been without a phone for over a week & the service providers customer service were not interested she said I should give them longer.

    I simply told the women that as usual in Corporate rip off Britain the consumer is shafted & there was no point in taking this any further with them because they were useless.

    I actually got better info off the net than from the muppet's at CAB