Thursday, 18 April 2013


Well I have to hold my hands up and it is one of those occasions that I am wrong.

Had my tests at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead today at 9.30am.

It appears that I had convinced myself of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and that this was indeed my affliction but the nerve tests have ruled it out completely.

As I statetd to the friend who took me there in his car I was fully expecting to be fobbed off on this and in all honesty did not expect to be told of any findings.

The man seemed pleasant enough though and did not talk down to me, a relief, and I tend to believe him and it has left me deflated.

I also would not recommend these tests unless absolutely necessary and they were NOT how I imagined at all. If you HAVE A FEAR OF NEEDLES then I suggest you asked to be unconscious, lol. I had to have a needle place into the outer muscles tissue before it was wiggle about and pushed down into DEEPER TISSUE!!

Now if I remember correctly this was done either 4 or 6 times on my right foot and then my left, so 8 or 12 in total on my feet alone.

Then four times I think it was on each of my lower legs, So another 8 in total.

Then 2 or 4 times in each of my thighs, so 4 or 8.

Then there was a series of them down my back, four or more,  and in my right shoulder which I think was two but could have been higher.

No the odd thing is that, yes of course, this did have a sharp pain to each but when he inserted it into the left of my spine in the middle of my back I got a different pain, a painful MUSCULAR pain. Rather like that if you rubbed a torn muscle and this was DEAD ON the area that hurts and I told him so.

You will hear on the audio me explaining to him abut the Chiropractor and him telling me that they are not Doctors and not governed by the GMC or NICE?!

Also you will hear him tell me that my Neurologist is 'the best there is' which in all honesty and the only think to point to being set up. Well that and the fact that when he was running the electricity through me, like a very powerful TENS machine or muscle toner, he often turned it on with a fair amount of power and had that limb flail around. Stark contrast to other ones were it was barely noticeable, lol.

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