Thursday, 4 April 2013

Best Laid Plans Part Eleventy

Waited in today for landlord but he did not turn up so decided to get ready to get out and find and buy this damned jacket I need.

Decided to shoot out to TK Maxx again only I kept forgetting things and getting confused as i was still not feeling great and was panicking that I would not sleep and would feel like crap yet again the next day.

I eventually got out the house and just text my landlord to come round after 7pm for the rent. I eventually got to the town and seemed to be OK for time according to my watch when I was ontop of the town when I realised my watch was still on Winter Time and I was actually an hour later than I thought.

TK Maxx was open and I entered and weaved my way up the stairs, not weaving past people just feeling out of it lmao!

Was looking at some newish jackets when suddenly, it can be like this at times, the word Millets entered my mind and I immediately left, even though something had changed in the clothing and they could have had more deliveries, do not believe the answer they give you when you ask that and they say 'OHH EVER DAY', yes con people into coming in every day why don't you?! I can go in their twice one week apart and nothing seems to have changed. I could not even find the jacket I eventually did NOT buy in the huge Waltham Abbey store though Enfield had TWO in stock?!

Stupid part about the Waltham Abbey store not having any outdoors type jackets in, my meaning by outdoors is the great outdoors like hiking, camping and nature trails. Stupid because right opposite the store is a bloody nature trail that goes on for miles and up about a mile is a car park where loads of country hikers turn up in bus loads. Now if the knew there was a store that did their kind of kit and clothing and not bits and pieces and piecemeal they would make a pit-stop at TK Maxx before going into the park, I know I would! You could walk a nature trail from Waltham Abbey all the way to Broxbourne, Nazeing, Harlow or even Hertford if you so wanted to. Plenty of lakes, ponds, fields with skylarks, hedgerows, farms, farm animals (one where you can pay for things, go on rides and even feed the carp (has a machine by the carp like and the have put fish food in it in place of children's sweets, lol) and has a cafe too?!). IN the park there are toilets you can use and even an Ice Cream van in one car park when it is warmer. If your REALLY lucky you will see one of 6 or 7 wild British Orchids...though I have yet (typed 'yet' backwards somehow) to find and see one...or two?! The ones I have seen are Southern March Orchid, Early Marsh Orchid, Bee Orchid, Common Spotted Orchid and Pyramidal Orchid but yet to see the Common Twayblade Orchid though I know EXACTLY where it is. I think there is supposed to be Early Purple Orchids but no idea where.

Anyway I got to Millets and it was closed! Sorry sometimes when I am not with it my mind wanders and a I can type fast and it just goes with the flow, lol. Keep making mistake of late though and it is a trifle weird and somewhat concerning. Probably just too long a winter I think. Everything slowing down with the temperature and too cold for far too long.

In fact I should be shooting lots of 'film' of the British Orchids by now but the extended freezing temperatures have put paid to that. Probably will be late this year too and what should take place early to late April will be early to late May! Damn it, it IS the main reason I got the camera when I did so that I had it when they appeared?! Lol, still I have it now at least just have to wait, longer than I have EVER DONE for the Spring to arrive in the UK?!

EDIT: Ooh riighhhht yeahhhh forgot, try again tomorrow for the jacket?!


Got to get SOME food shopping too, some though I do not think I will be up for any serious shopping and hence lies ANOTHER problem. Buggered myself, no shopping yesterday other than ...something.....oooh hot cross buns and milk. Today SUGAR. Hopefull tomorrow I should get TEA fecking BAGS!!!


God what a miserable life, lmao, how many would actually cope with this I wonder?! One in a million that's what and I only do for one reason to be the BIGGEST THORN ANYONE COULD EVER HOPE TO BE!!

Right up to bed.... tomorrow get a JACKET?!


At least when yo you do get this jacket Martin you KNOW what will happen?! It will turn bloody HOT!!


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