Sunday, 21 April 2013


When I was a kid and right up to adulthood if there was one thing I hatred it was being sick.

If there was one thing that kids did that I did not it was spinning on the spot to make yourself feel queasy, not me.

Roundabouts in children's playgrounds and local parks were something I never went anywhere near. In fact I remember getting on a ride at a fairground with a couple of cousins on the seat in front and it was horrid and terrifying and I wanted to jump off, despite being 12 feet in the air.

So to think these days I feel sick and am sick a hell of a lot is pretty much a nightmare for me fairly often.

That is how it is right now and I have a damned headache too boot! I am fighting off the urge to go running to the toilet to vomit everything up...

Oh dear..

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