Monday, 15 April 2013


There are several words in the English language that, in the UK at least, are becoming synonymous with figures of hate, stand to mean corruption and the very hearing of the use of these words brings ire and dread among those unfortunate enough to hear them.

I believe that before too long, if this juncture has INDEED not been met and passed already, that the re will be a dying need to have these words banished from everyday use and possible even stricken from the Oxford Dictionary!

My spine already gets several shivers down it presently and on a daily basis and need to not give it the excuse it longs for to shiver at even stronger rates. Having more of a detrimental affect that Seasonal Affective Disorder the General Medical Council have listed them as having effectively the possibility on the damage to ones health that they are no providing patients in prescription Defaline Nitrate which will numb the brain cells that effectively send signals along via the synapses to the area of the human brain which processes audio and cutting this link effective causing temporary hearing loss.

These drugs are to be issued out to all members of the British Public by post and should be received in 3 to 5 weeks (but don't bloody count on it) and give relief to those suffering from confusion, disappointment, rage or impending death.

These drungs will be used until the offending words or words used on collective and consecutive order can be banished from society and never to be uttered again so that the 'National Health Service' 'Police', 'Ombudsman', 'Department of Work and Pensions', also 'Pensions, single use, 'Council' also used post the word 'Local' along with the word 'CAB' and return of the word 'TAXI' in replacement of it.

This will continue until FURTHER NOTICE or until WE DECIDE what is better for you as your are incomeptent of knowing this of your OWN ACCORD and we have to decide everything for you while KEEPING YOU FROM KNOWING THE TRUTH and thereofore nable to make ANY WELL INFORMED DECISION AT ALL and like the beying Sheep that you are you will just continue to do, act, think as we want you till and contniue to work your butts off for jobs you do NOT LIKE while moaning  and pointing the finger at those unlucky enough o be WITHOUT EMPLOYMENTS and stating that the few hundred million given to them to merley EXIST is the reason why we lost billions and trillions of pounds.



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