Thursday, 11 April 2013


Right gibe that dunce woman an ASBO for the worst kind of ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour?!?!

You know I was just thinkig that the government and local government is very good at issuing vague terms that they can then USE and ABUSE to exploit people for cash they do not deserve nor have earned?!

Take today...

I make a plea to the latest GP who just goes blank, deaf, dumb and blind and is all lost at sea...adrift and all down to the simplest of questions that a GP should answer.

So when I insist he tells me to go to Social Services and I say oh great... ENFIELD COUNCIL!!

Well I will go there now I tell him as it is directly across the road.

Only when I try to tell them what I had told him, albeit over a phone line, I get told the most bizarre thing?!

I get questioned about dressing myself and I am thinking 'what the hell has this got anything to do with me not being able to get my shopping?!'

When I answer that I am able to dress myself, after all I do this with my HANDS and NOT MY FEET!!! She then says that they council cannot therefore help me get shopping as my hands are OK?!

So if a SOLDIER has the misfortune of having his legs blown off in Afghanistan or Iraq he then gets told, like she told me, that I have to PAY PRIVATELY to have my shopping delivered to me because my hands still work?!?!

I kid you not that is what they stated to me. But do not take my word for it...

I was absolutely stunned, absolutely STUNNED I TELL YOU.

I actually told her I could not believe she was saying this and she even said 'why did your GP send you to us?!' and I felt like saying 'EH!! You lazy cow, his across the fucking road go ask him?!?!'

I told her I could not believe that was the attitude of the council and apparently they are going to ring me next week. I will be sure to have that on speaker phone and record THAT conversation as I will push them beyond their wildest imaginations.

She was lost for what to say when I just put a couple of things to her, fairly simple things too!!

I said ' now wait a moment?! No one gets disability money anymore and they, as wewll as I, cannot go PRIVATE (like money grows on trees) so the councils stance is to leave people to starve to death?!

Oh and she said....'we do not meet people'?!?! LMAO!


I shall rename this nation ... NASTY BRITAIN!!! LMAO!

Maybe they can get off their arses and go and clean up a pile of CRAP I spotted hidden by some bushes, rather conveniently?!?!

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