Thursday, 25 April 2013


I was thinking about that last post I typed out while staggered at how blooming hour it was today.

My tooth was playing up and I was chewing on a own like a baby teething with one of those rings to help them.

I was thinking about that last post and done if the comments made and thinking how do I stop people making errors before they make them?

So how about telling them that the while system us a charade?! Explain that everything they think that is in place that makes us able top claim to be a civilised society is NOT what they think it is. It our they do NOT do what they think they do.

There is previous little you can suggest that I have not been through and posted the outcome our recording and/our replies up on this blog. Our even on other blogs?! These are facts and almost everything is here to back it up.

Take that shortened....VERY SHORTENED version of my medical records. I have notes on it about mistakes and things missing, right? Well those documents are on here and I should be long past the stage whereby if I state something is not the case in my past the chances are that 9 times our of 10 it will be on here. If bout then I could probably post it on here.

That is why I did the blog because I'm pretty smart and yet I've found that the system is a minefield of a deliberate design and designed to fail. I am aware of the obvious and I have travelled that route and most of the time many, many times too!

I will even know a few types not known about, like the Disabled People Against Cuts or DPAC who often give statements to the used and lobby government jade never heard of ICE, our Independent Case Examiners who the DWP tell you to go to if you are not happy. In fact spook the people you are directed to go to are either their own people (ICE has a DWP server email address so hardly independent and cannot open attachments when everyone else in the same server can open attachments).

This means they were either ruse or completely incompetent. Well they have taken over a year and have done nothing at all and they say I will hear from them in two months or three months but I NEVER DO until I email then and rock then off for doing bugger all.

Yet no one asks why that departments gets oasis our how much our points the finger and accuses them if bring spongers on society?! Its you're taxes paying for this office after all!

Now consider all the options of someone like me who are taking you're taxes. What do they do for these vast salaries? Nothing is what they do.

Done make noises now and then that somehow makes it into the BBC News which is feck all if I am honest. Done lobbying goes on so they can say they are doing their jobs and the government fools people into thinking their us a check our watch in everything but there is not.

A case in point?! Well allrighty then...

Done years back the CAB people lobbied government that different ailments of one person was treated sad if each ailment was a sole ailment and each time a new individual...stupid...incompetent and the work of tricksters. The Conservatives and namely David Cameron stated that this was wrong morally and he would out a stop to it?! This was not only my main obstacle with many civil servants but also the fact that they were trying their utmost to deny that my long list could new linked you each other and I was told not possible many times.

Each time this was a lie.

Everyone thought the Conservatives were humane and that CAB was doing something useful and everyone was happy...except that lobby and promise came to nothing. NOTHING!

The subject had bit been mentioned by government ever again, CAB have not turned to the media and said that David Cameron us a lying cheating bastard and NOR have the media ever touched on the subject ever again?!

This begs the question what is the point and told if the media?

They would come down on anyone like a tonne of bricks if a celebrity lied too them about anything. But despicable behaviour towards disabled people with terrible lives?

Don't care or bought off our even bribed.

There are you're three only possibilities!

But I love the way that on their websites they do live to talk up about how much help and good they have done.

Oddly and not just in my experience but I know not if a single good or positive thing that has come from anyone of recent times and only church leaders words have actually impressed me lately.

Church leaders have impressed ME?!

If you had told me that a few years back I would have burst out laughing, lol.

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