Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Well I was looking on the DWP site and wondering what I could do?!

Was hoping that I could put in a claim for Employment Support Allowance but it is a print out only form and my printer has decided not to print out blacnd and white due to the CYAN and MAGENTA cartridges running out which is a bit odd as I bought a printer that has FOUR separate cartridges so that this did not happen?!

There is a computer chip on th cartridge, does not need to be as everyone knows, and it refuses to print out anything now though my black ink cartridge was only rcenetrly replaced?!

No matter WHAT manufacturer I go with I always seem to get this problem?!

So printing is offline until further notice.

Anyway I found this benefits advisor tool and though I would ran thorugh it and screenshot as I went and the results were...CONFUSING?!

I was expecting it to say Emplyment Support Allowance or Universal Credit but it did not..

see for yourself...

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