Friday, 31 August 2012

News Reports

This is a year ago.

More recently.

Only thing I can find thus far...

Did they get TV coverage?

Did they get coverage by tabloids?

If not then why the hell not?

Monday, 27 August 2012


Right let us do a run through of what I know and what I have been told...

Encouraged my daughter to shoplift at 13... when I was up there when she was 14 she was banned from half the stores in Birkenhead. When she wanted something stolen would wink at my daughter.

Encourage my daughter to have relations with grown men leading to a child at 13 and the bribed and conned the Bangladeshi restaurant owning father and constantly ate her way through the menu for free.

Encouraged my daughter to drink alcohol from 13 to the point she was having kidney problems by her late 18 year, I.E Kidney problems from alcohol before she was EIGHTEEN?!

Leaving her son Dan to play outside at too young an age a few years back she sat on her arse inside and he was hit badly by a car, when the Police and an Ambulance arrived my daughter was told to say that she only popped in to put the kettle on when he was struck!

When my daughter was pregnant for the second time at late 14 early 15 years of age the evil mother offered to BUY the two children for £300?! She then said "not each! that is for both and I will throw in a bottle of Vodka"?"

My daughter's 18th birthday present was a Dime Bar!

Stole my daughter's children.

Made my daughter out to look like the devil incarnate.

Cajoled my daughter into helping her steal money from her mother's bank account to over £5,000 plus. Was never caught, card assumed stolen and money returned by the bank!

When I launched on line Facebook attack on her which was coincidentally manufactured to cause her fear and illicit a knee jerk reaction, she responded with gusto and appeared at council with the print-outs.

While there her jailbird, for postal theft, current boyfriend had entered the flat late one night, next day we then realised my daughter's passport was missing. Having taken it several times before I said it was her but my daughter did not think so. A mystery man on Facebook sent my daughter a message stating he had found the passport around 200 yards up the road from her flat on a triangle of green grass in a dead end street neither of us travelled up at all?! Bizarre.

After EVIL EX husband got out of jail for sexual abusing my daughter, i.e. Paedophile Anthony Gilbert, she carried on seeing him and took all four kids to his abode. I repeatedly told Wirral Council this but was ignored, every now and then the Social Worker would be replaced. It became clear there was a conspiracy and cover up going on.

My daughter was constantly scared into NOT going to a solicitor by BOTH THE COUNCIL and her EVIL MOTHER.

Refused to let my daughter see her kids last Xmas so concocted a plan and fake Newspaper cover page to make it look like my daughter had won £2 Million on the lottery. Daughter's idea of a joke really but I said keep with it and she would see her kids, she did but not before my brother and I heard my evil ex speaking on speaker phone about not to give any money to me, would not accept it anyway, and that she needed a BOOB JOB, FACE LIFT,TUMMY TUCK, NEW HOUSE, NEW CAR, FANCY HOLIDAY and various other items. She said to my brothers horrified face "your dad will only go and buy NEWTS with it!!" Despite the fact I do not keep any animals at present £2 Million is a great deal of newts enough to make Ken Livingstone weep!!!

My daughter was invited round to the house at Xmas and saw her kids, discovery of the truth that the lottery win was fake led to the shit hitting the fan. Daughter was barraged with threats, Lady Million perfume my sister bought her was thrown at her street door and smashed, promised she would get her for lying about the lottery, fecking idiot, hired people to spy on her including drug addict neighbour of my daughter's and a party of men outside a pub threw bottles at my daughter the Police stated was something to to do with the evil mother. After over a year of telling them Merseyside Police started to realise I was quite right in what I had told them, fecking IDIOTS.

I bought my daughter a steel Microwave from Asda for £50, a Samsung Galaxy Europa phone on 3 and she bought a 40" TV for her new flat. Her mother then wanted to buy the TV and Fridge for HER new house and offered her £150 even though they cost my daughter this each?! When my daughter stayed in London her mother tried to gain access to the flat to STEAL the TV and Fridge telling the Police she tried to get to force the door open that her daughter was down here in hospital.

Tried to have my daughter SECTIONED and have that in a recording too!!

Gave a laughable excuse when i told her to put her on a Coach to London by stating that she does not want to do this, though claimed she was trying to get her to hospital for her own good but not. I told Sophie to say to her mother that she will go to hospital but if cleared in a check up that her mother would give her £15 for coach fare, she had borrowed, and NEVER paid back, over £600 off her daughter anyway so owed her daughter, but she said no. She came on the phone and told me that my daughter would fall of the coach on the way and end up in Wales. That's the Liverpool to London Coach!

As soon as I arrived up there the kids were there, wanted to be there anyway, well 3 out of 4 of them, in the hope that she would glean information about what I was and had been up to. I was also phoned by the Security Services within 24 hours!

While there my daughter provoked her into speaking about something I thought was a joke in that she believed that the Mayan Calender Prophecy of the world ending in 2012 was very real and that the Pyramids in Egypt were going to take off with people and leave planet Earth and that she was going there and intending to board these 'ships'. When my daughter laughed and poked fun she got a but annoyed about it and just said "oh yeah? well you wait and see then?!" I am told if I had not been present she would have flown into a rage.

She asked her friend Marion, she had known 40 years, to be a guarantor on a house she wanted to rent but by now Marion had realised the scary truth about her life long friend and said no. She went back and asked to be a referee and got her to sign a form in a hurry and asked for Marion's passport and went to the letting agents to get the house. The Passport, like with my daughter, was not returned for a few weeks and Marion had to be prompted by her husband Derek to get i back, which she did. Not feeling happy with how things had gone Marion entered the Letting Agency and enquired only to find that the document she had signed WAS FOR A GUARANTOR and not a referee!! The Letting Agency manager was horrified to hear what had happened and tore up the documents in front of her stating what a selfish and evil thing to do to a friend of 40 years.

Enough for now i think but much food for thought, don't you think?


Hmm Legal Aid?

Would not know about that but maybe would if I could have found a solicitor in the last 3 years...

I do detest how they have managed to destroy it and take away people's rights, do they ever look around themselves to see what they have done? I would imagine the answer is no?!

Well one that has courtesy to answer, if only to say no...

One that does not say one thing and then something else...

One that does not misquote the law (a la CLA)

One that does not promise you the world and then disappear in fear of the garganutan size of the cases involved?!

Maybe one day but at least my daughter has one and the Preliminary hearing already been and gone, main hearing in November 2012.

Also this solicitor realises what I was once told by the solicitor that changed his mind, this IS a 'Cause Celebre'?!

Well should know within the next 12 weeks!

Daily Routines & Pain

I thought at this point I would explain what it is I have told many authorities in my various attempts to acquire help.

The help is in a very braod spectrum of things...

Social Housing
To Work
Start my own business
Freedom Pass
Author Books (started 3 or 4 did not finish due to this have three I have finished almost)


WALKING: is painful (pain level 1-9)
(shooting pains in feet arches (sporadic- 7), ball of left foot (frequent 6), knees (sporadic-7), groin (occasional-5), Back (variable 2 to 7), now corns (frequent-6 to 8)
Then there is the sudden vomiting  or Severe Heartburn (Oesophagitis Grade C and Hiatus Hernia)

NOTE: Knee pain occurs when knee locked (WHICH IT DOES NOT DO ON A BIKE). Do get some clicking with twinges though.

STANDING: stationary is even more painful
Heels (Permanent 7 to 9, Back- as above)
Then there is the sudden vomiting or Severe Heartburn (Oesophagits Grade C and Hiatus Hernia)

CYCLING: Back Pain looking over shoulder. Odd twinges and clicks in knees.
Then there is the sudden vomiting or Severe Heartburn (Oesophagitis Grade C and Hiatus Hernia)

CARRYING: Shoulder on right side hurts and can stiffen up

At Home:

On Sofa with feet on hard floor (as I have) heels hurt
Hips lock up in certain positions
Holding things too heavy in right hand not always possible
Bending crouching can be problematic often
Standing in shower is ... worrying!

Have accidents that seem to be worryingly increasing in frequency. Few years back no accidents on my bike for years and years and though i cycled thousands of miles, LITERALLY.

Last couple years had several accidents, last a few weeks back.

Fallen on stairs several times, covering walls and stairs with Chilli Con Carne, Weetabix (often) or various other food items! Damaged toe one time and knee on another and liekly various other things I wish to god i had now kept track of, due to slimy civil servants and their dark lords! lol.

I do not know what it is but I often get light headed and get some dizzy spells that are disoreintating and I cannot explain. When occurs as a car passenger it is utterly shite!! All I want to do is get out the car and crawl the rest of the way home!!


Plantar fasciitis (bi-lateral)
Pes Cavus (High Arched Feet)
Achilles tendonitis (bi-lateral)
Metatarsalgia (left foot)
Corns (not just bilateral but identical places in BOTH FEET, painful on right)

Suspected: Dupuytren's Contracture & Ledderhose Disease
Unknown: Locking middle toe left foot


Not known but look to be linked to Pes Cavus in feet.


Pain from Inguinal Hernia repair


Thought to be linked to Pes Cavus but X-Ray shows problem and yet to be discussed (2 weeks)


X-RAY shows something and yet to be discussed (2 weeks)


Right hand only, thank bloody God!!
Little finger slight inwards curl, pain along outside of hand when gripping carrying...
This could be the Dupuytren's Contracture and linked to shrinking Plantar fascia?!

Previously had thought that I had damaged this and never looked at or disregarded by Doctors

Now I have had this list to contend with while I have also dealt with ALL OTHER matters contained within this blog...

When really I only wanted to be involved with matters IN MY OTHER BLOGS!


Saturday, 25 August 2012


I am going to take some time out to setup a few blogs that are dear to my heart...

Instead of just solely chasing after rich, pwerful and MPs who lie thorugh their teeth.

So do not expect much on here for a few days while i start jabbering on about other areas I have a keen interest in, which will all appear in my BLOG list for thos that have similar interests...


Hmm well i should maybe give a little more insight into what was happening with the flat at Wendle Street Liverpool where my daughter was previously being held against her will.

As stated before but will recap, we had the flats main occupier who himself seemed the be just a complete tosser and his highly suspect mate, known for only a short time and with some very bizarre behaviour that went far beyond that of just beong confrontational with the Police to the point where they spoke about wanting to beat the living crap out of him.

After fleeing the property and then being dumped in a dive which was not in in way safe and completely conflicted the promises made to me, on the TAPED SESSIONS!!

Then I am lied to about them regularly being in contact, even stating face to face, when the truth was that NO POLICE OFFICER linked to the case ever set foot in the building, over than those that The Bridge Hostel staff called out on a regular basis. Oh I have recordings of a couple of those too and me scorning a Police Officer who handed the phone back to members of staff refusing to listen to me.

Getting out was one thing while staying safe was quite another, now I was aware at this point that my evil ex would become a MAJOR PROBLEM whereas i had to ignore her for a time until I had everything I wanted on the two radical Muslims.

While she was held in the property, forced into this situation by her evil mother after stealing her children for nothing more than extra cash off the government, my evil ex felt safe in the knowledge that the council would NOT hand my grandchildren back to her mother.

Now things had changed so I had to deal with THREE Muslims looking for my daughter and a new effort on behalf of the evil mother to 'mix things up a bit' while dealing with LYING Police.


Mr Jamal, or should I state Mr Gafhur, had later been arrested on one of his secret trips to Manchester by the Manchester Constabulary. Sabir managed to get hold of my daughter and launched abuse at her over this arrest blaming her for it. The Police had apparrently followed him driving a car without insurance or registered to him. A big screw up that was.

I was already well aware by this time of what was going on behind the scenes and had been for sometime.

I stated to my daughter that this was bullshit and he was lying, after all if they are following an unregistered car with no insurance how do they KNOW WHO IS DRIVING IT?!

"Oh shit, yeah!" was the reply.

Of course by now the realisation that Sophie was not working alone had begun to sink in, fecking idiots. Snatching the phone from her everytime we were chatting he would ask me when i was coming up to see my daughter, I was but I did not want him to know plus I wanted him in an area of a false sense of security. I would aways state "two weeks time"! This went on for a couple of months.

One time my daughter told me that he had turned around and stated "ahh see your mothers an evil selfish bitch and your dad does not give a feck about you, your all mibe now to do as I want"

Now I had him where I wanted him and told my daughter I was waiting for this to be said and that I could now proceed with other parts of my plans.

He also did not think my daughter had the courage to leave him on her own, nor had anyway of planning it.

Very late one night he emerged fro the shower to find my daughter had fucked off with all her belongings and one or two of theirs too!


The was a relentless effort after that to find her and to find out about me. I fully expected this and indeed managed to guess just about every action they would take, unfortunately dealing with incompetent twats of civil servants only made this job easier and I felt like they were against me as well.

REMEMBER: At this time I was battling and evil and manipulative ex, several radical muslims, Police and Wirral Council and it was not easy. I did it, yes but it was not easy just the same and there were certain consequences that my daughter had to face. Luckily she had her screaming dad ripping seven kinds of bells oyut of these groups over the phone or by email.

Just as well I did not live nearby I would have ended up in jail for absolute certainty.

My mobile phone number was acquired too but even knowing this for the time I left it. I wanted the focus on me and even made an announcement which was to deliberately rile them into focusing squarely on me. I also removed myself from the electoral register at the time. Much to the annoyance to my local council and am still not back on TODAY!!!

So here are a couple of phone conversations, if of course you can call them that, to my phone from the tossers!

Accent is funny, I am pretty sure I know this is, someone called Samir who was the registered owner, tenant of the property and had deleted the history on their laptop, not HIS laptop, as I think he was the only one that was beginning to realise I was a threat. Was at it 6 months by then and was far too late for them the morons.

They had been looking at Jihadi websites of the Brit and bespectacled guy callled errr Al-Shawaddywaddy?! LOL

Who knows and who cares?

This one is also funny and I would wager the 'BUILDER & HACKER' Maswad as he had become aware I knew he was hacking Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo.

What he did not know is that I knew he was in possession of a 500 Volt Fuse?!

He was also not aware that I knew he was dismantling mobile phones on a regular basis.

Odd too as they seem to like things for FREE and they were ALL USING O2, and I told O2 so, as they all could phone each other for free?!


Anyway another call and in time likely couple more added here...

When played to some select people someone actually thought that maybe the word BUTCHER was used in Arabic to mean something else. HAHAHA.

To men later walked into The Bridge Hostel and offered couple thousand in cash for our whereabouts.

When later in a Bed and Breakfast, took some shouting and threatening that did, they actually rang up and asked for my daughter by name?! Luckily, and I owe them much thanks, they were wise to this and knew there was something going on between my daughter and me and they were told there was noone there by that name. Oddly this property also took in, for one night only, two mysterious and middle class sounding strangers that drove an Audi A6 or A8 that was brand new and followed my daughter into a smoking room and quizzed her.

They then promptly left.


During my time I searched for help via different routes.

In time I became interested, as I was just hitting dead ends, just how long it would go on and how many organisations would I contact for help and not get anywhere?!

This did NOT INCLUDE Law Firms and will be dealt with seperately.

There are of course a vast number of help organisations for a vast array of areas but the question was could I exhaust all avenues with a genuine request. Or at least most to give the idea that regadless of the countless organisations out there nothing much happens.

This is because this was another waste of money. A waste of money is a waste of money at the end f the day regardless of where the funding comes from.

So here are a few letters and this is down to housing but not all, as ever as the others bubble to the surface they shall be posted here.


Now I shall place all these scans on here together.

Therefore any reference I have made to sending recorded delivery letters or parcels can be simply referred back here?!

I cannot recall nor be bothered at the present time to go through the POSTCODES to find out which receipt corresponds to which of my recipients.

They are all here for the most part and if any have crept into other folders and are uncovered I will then add them in this very post.

Mainly Bailiffs and Very but there are several other recipents I will not get into at this point.

A deliberate mistake perhaps? Possibly another CLUE?!

I really must quit smoking LOL


May have already done this but I think now it may have only been in part.

So here is nigh on everything on this particular subject of legalised criminal activity...