Sunday, 19 August 2012

Audio Police Part TWO The Escape

Right this is the night the fleeing was done out of the blue and the fiasco that followed...

This is a phone-call to 999, EMERGENCY OPERATOR IN THE UK, and the absolutely ridiculous way they handled it.

A midnight dash to a Police Station across a few miles and when they FINALLY get a car to her and to Police Officer asks my daughter her name she is ACTUALLY STANDING INSIDE THE POLICE STATION and has been for ten minutes?!?!

Also note that, as I am sure is recorded, that DC Simon Broadhurst told me in a phone conversation that it was THEY that helped my daughter flee and get her to the Police Station?!

You will also note that the SAFE-HOUSE or HOTEL we were promised turned out to be a DIVE of a HOSTEL with drug running, broken noses, assault and battery, staff who give out details of the youg residents to anyone that asks, even over the phone?!

This is the phone conversation and one of the ones whereby it was a bit tricky to record, TWO phones, not including my daughter's phone:


I did state in other posts: I KID YOU NOT!

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