Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Oh dear, where the hell am I in this?

That is the problem with these kinds of things, it has become so bad in the UK to achieve justice that the battles start to pile up, as does the evidence, and before long you become confused as to where you are!!


This inevitable makes me sound like a whining old woman when really I just believe that these people and the government should not get away with their dishonesty and cheating and I just keep on endeavouring to find a way.

In so doing I hope to show first off just how hard it is for anyone to get justice, well British born people anyway, and that despite the uncanny methods deployed and amount of evidence gathered that organisations after organisation and million pound after million pound spent there is no ifrastructure there to do this, though at first appears to be.

Doe to the constant, and in alll honesty mostly blind and naive journalists or just ulterior motives, hammering of the costs of benefit claimants, and their never ending insistence of labelling them cheats among other more disrespectful names, that it is only to take the light way from areas where much more cash, probably in factors ot ten, is actually being wasted on people and jobs without difficulties with pain and suffering that sit and do bugger all.

Factor in that children are KNOWINGLY and I repeat KNOWINGLY placed in danger and have their childhoods utterly destroyed for the most part and this becomes an unsettling fact that no one wants to admit is happeneing nor have the balls to face up to it.

I for one am a scientist by nature and do NOT believe in the existence f deities of any shape or form, at least not in our descriptions and ideas of them anyway, but when a Jehovah;s Witness who knocked on my street door recently said it is like the UK is being run by satanists I had to stop and think about it. "Well being a scientist I do not believe in religion but that does not mean to say that your statement is untrue for satanists do exist and yes I can agree with you, this IS haw it feels!"

Here are a few lists of solicitors provided by the Citizen's Advice Bureau, who have sadly turned out to be NOT the organisation I thought and are toothless, as well as possessiong staff that mislead you, just like DIAP.

Never noticed the deliberate mistakes in the past when ever I recieved these things but I have now!!

So it seems that if you are in illegal immigrant you are spoilt for choice when it comes to solicitors whereas the ones I have marked that I have contacted are few and far between.

Also lo and behold the day when solicitors, despite their delusions of grandeur, become courteous and actually issue you with a REPLY, even if it IS ro say they cannot help on your matter, without inquiring about the evidence I claim to have?!

So let us see how this pans out?

As well as this course I have now taken up again for the umpteenth time, acquiring legal representation, I have also taken up to contacting other 'organisations' to do with legal rights and for disabled people.

Indeed I was shocked before at what little interest I garnered from many of these, though it is ieasy to assume that they are wrongly assumed I was some kind of nutcase, considering their budgets plus who they claim to speak for dismissing me without requesting to see what I had was .... well bad really.

I am going to call this round TWO and the reason I have take this course is that since the last time I did it I have gathered far, FAR more evidence than I had previously in ALL AREAS!!

Also I am rather surprised that CAB did not ask for copies of all my data, considering the reaction to the few bits I took to the meeting, I did warn them that this was a very small fraction of it all.

One thing I will say was that I was surprised to learn that the recent meeting with the CAB Advisor he was well aware of the protest march going on later this month and even went as far as correcting me when i stated it was the 27th August and he said it was actually the 29th?! He was also well aware it was the DLA Help Group behind it too.

As for that protest march, well let us see if it gets any media coverage and I am going to email all those media groups I have sent my data to just so that if they claim to have not known about it at a later date...well we can show otherwise.

Go figure!

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