Wednesday, 15 August 2012

OK ... this one will be on the Police, a few different involvements.

I may add to this at a later date with some more text and details but just spotted the documents while searching for Ombudsman docs and just thought as I was here I would get these UP!

Again and as with the others I cannot be sure that everything is here and when I state that I only state the letters and emails RECIEVED by all these organisations...

Of course there are the ones that I SENT to?!

Note that the Police Complaint appears to be in two parts, or two halves, and this indeed is because it was.

You will also, or should if the relevant letters are here, note that there is almost a carbon copy of events from the begniing of the first half and the beginning of the second half?! This also happened in two phone conversations with Sergeant Kate Roberts too, proving that first off they took no notice of the first part of my complaint as had forgotten my name and the events I was complaining about a month later with the start of the second part, only coming about because the IPCC, about the only thing any Ombudsman did, UPHELD my complaint!

Annoyingly they also comepltely forgot those warnings I had told them about my daughter's evil mother and, just as the Social Workers did for 15 years depite my explaining the same things, then went and disregarded me and my warnings, after driving 250 miles to meet me (RECORDED), and then went and spoke to my evil ex who lied thrugh her teeth about her daughter and even her well being when she was being attacked, I KID YOU NOT!!

I also warned them that my evil ex was trying to have my daughter sectioned and I even have THAT RECORDED TOO!!!

Unfortunately a far more serious issue in all this started to rear its ugly head and in all honesty and despite early signs to this I disregarded this for about 6 weeks, just as every other person has done I explained it to for the last 16 months or more, WITHOUT asking to see the evidence to back it up which is incontrivertable, I can assure you.

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