Thursday, 16 August 2012


Way ahead of schedule...

Here is a subject that has just cropped up and had me worried about my grandchildren and my daughter. Oddly I have sent TWO update emails to the media groups I have been feeding with details the last couple of months.

To save me the trouble of typing it all out again I have now copied and pasted it below!

There will follow several posting on different aspects of this in parts but trust me when I state that not only have I known for 16 years, that is SIXTEEN, not ten and not six, what my ex was like and how fucking dangerouns she is but i have also told the Social Services up in Wirral all this time but they have spent the time conspiring not only against me but also against foster parents that my daughter loved staying with who, still now 6 or 7 years later, have NEVER got over what Wirral Social Services did to them.

Needless to say I was also disappointed that they did not leave my daughter there and when I spoke to this gentleman about it, yes the foster dad, I even told him so.

He also told me of the conspiracy and that my evil ex is just that, evil, and that whatever happens to her and if she is sent to prison it is JUSTLY DESERVED.

I feel for that family and he is on my Facebook friends list.

My Grandchildren and Wirral Social Services
On my previous emailings to various media groups, including the FOUR DVDs, I also included the fiasco that has gone on with Social Services and that they have continued to place children in danger. In so doing I explained my own daughter and my two grandchildren's plight, as well as that of my daughter's two brothers.

Right, only found this out an hour ago..

I have now had a phone call from my daughter and her solicitor has been in contact with the MEDIA, though whether this is local or national I do not know as yet!

I have discovered that on agreement with solicitors and Wirral Council to place my grandchildren back with their evil, emotionless and careless mother though I do not know why this is just yet. I am not about to contact them either as I had to promise my daughter that.

Now the absolute shambles of all this is that it was first revealed by the Council that my evil ex had disappeared to Spain with my grandchildren though neither have a passport.

They LATER discovered this was not the case, after issuing warnings of contacting Spanish authorities to arrest her.

She in fact went on holiday for 5 days in Rhyl in North Wales WITHOUT my two grandchildren?!

The younger of the two was LEFT with his drug dealing Arabic father for 5 days?!

The older two I no one seems to have any idea where he is?!

I also understand that the council now know something if the children being taken by their grandmother to visit a convicted paedophile that abused my daughter?!

I have no doubt that money was extracted by the evil mother for whatever it is she has done. Also the Bangladeshi restayrent owning father of the older of my two grandchildren attempted to buy, YES I TYPE BUY, my grandson, Ethan, from them some years before. He happens to be the same one whereby my evil ex would eat her way through the menu WITHOUT paying on a weekly basis.

I also understand that there is a court hearing on the 21st August 2012, yes that is five days time and I only found out today. Whether this is preliminary or otherwise I do not know and have not been told as yet.

As I believe I stated my daughter's solicitor has also contacted the media, though who this is and where they are I do not know. The area is Birkenhead so if it is a local paper or it was a national one I have no idea.

I only hope that the media contact can bring action on this and the discovery of my now missing grandson Ethan and return my other grandson from the clutches of a drug dealing Arabic father.

Now what I will be posting is all the documentation I have on my claims on this and letters from Wirral Social Services whereby they did not do as they claimed to do...

Thay CLAIMED that they were only interested in the well being of my three year old daughter.

I claimed they were only interested in defending my EX against a man and that they were not only lying but also sexist.

The foster carer was informed of this, to his utter shock, and that even when my daughter was with him I have legal letters, 2003 I thnk it was, where I tried to find her but was not answered by the social services and my evil ex said she did not know where she was, which later turned out to be a lie. She conspired with Social Services with the false alllegations, i realised only last year, as they discovered I was going to attempt to find my daughter!!

I have constantly warned them about my evil ex and if you refer back to the Police up there in Merseyside, I am not a scouser for those that do not know, the Police WERE TOLD TOO AND TOTALLY IGNORED ME!!

This is your tax money working to full effect?!?!

JESUS CHRIST! Anyway I have now reported all this to the media and let us hope I find out where my grandson Ethan is and that the two of them are returned?!?!?!

I wil try not teo eat all my fingernails!

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