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Hmm well i should maybe give a little more insight into what was happening with the flat at Wendle Street Liverpool where my daughter was previously being held against her will.

As stated before but will recap, we had the flats main occupier who himself seemed the be just a complete tosser and his highly suspect mate, known for only a short time and with some very bizarre behaviour that went far beyond that of just beong confrontational with the Police to the point where they spoke about wanting to beat the living crap out of him.

After fleeing the property and then being dumped in a dive which was not in in way safe and completely conflicted the promises made to me, on the TAPED SESSIONS!!

Then I am lied to about them regularly being in contact, even stating face to face, when the truth was that NO POLICE OFFICER linked to the case ever set foot in the building, over than those that The Bridge Hostel staff called out on a regular basis. Oh I have recordings of a couple of those too and me scorning a Police Officer who handed the phone back to members of staff refusing to listen to me.

Getting out was one thing while staying safe was quite another, now I was aware at this point that my evil ex would become a MAJOR PROBLEM whereas i had to ignore her for a time until I had everything I wanted on the two radical Muslims.

While she was held in the property, forced into this situation by her evil mother after stealing her children for nothing more than extra cash off the government, my evil ex felt safe in the knowledge that the council would NOT hand my grandchildren back to her mother.

Now things had changed so I had to deal with THREE Muslims looking for my daughter and a new effort on behalf of the evil mother to 'mix things up a bit' while dealing with LYING Police.


Mr Jamal, or should I state Mr Gafhur, had later been arrested on one of his secret trips to Manchester by the Manchester Constabulary. Sabir managed to get hold of my daughter and launched abuse at her over this arrest blaming her for it. The Police had apparrently followed him driving a car without insurance or registered to him. A big screw up that was.

I was already well aware by this time of what was going on behind the scenes and had been for sometime.

I stated to my daughter that this was bullshit and he was lying, after all if they are following an unregistered car with no insurance how do they KNOW WHO IS DRIVING IT?!

"Oh shit, yeah!" was the reply.

Of course by now the realisation that Sophie was not working alone had begun to sink in, fecking idiots. Snatching the phone from her everytime we were chatting he would ask me when i was coming up to see my daughter, I was but I did not want him to know plus I wanted him in an area of a false sense of security. I would aways state "two weeks time"! This went on for a couple of months.

One time my daughter told me that he had turned around and stated "ahh see your mothers an evil selfish bitch and your dad does not give a feck about you, your all mibe now to do as I want"

Now I had him where I wanted him and told my daughter I was waiting for this to be said and that I could now proceed with other parts of my plans.

He also did not think my daughter had the courage to leave him on her own, nor had anyway of planning it.

Very late one night he emerged fro the shower to find my daughter had fucked off with all her belongings and one or two of theirs too!


The was a relentless effort after that to find her and to find out about me. I fully expected this and indeed managed to guess just about every action they would take, unfortunately dealing with incompetent twats of civil servants only made this job easier and I felt like they were against me as well.

REMEMBER: At this time I was battling and evil and manipulative ex, several radical muslims, Police and Wirral Council and it was not easy. I did it, yes but it was not easy just the same and there were certain consequences that my daughter had to face. Luckily she had her screaming dad ripping seven kinds of bells oyut of these groups over the phone or by email.

Just as well I did not live nearby I would have ended up in jail for absolute certainty.

My mobile phone number was acquired too but even knowing this for the time I left it. I wanted the focus on me and even made an announcement which was to deliberately rile them into focusing squarely on me. I also removed myself from the electoral register at the time. Much to the annoyance to my local council and am still not back on TODAY!!!

So here are a couple of phone conversations, if of course you can call them that, to my phone from the tossers!

Accent is funny, I am pretty sure I know this is, someone called Samir who was the registered owner, tenant of the property and had deleted the history on their laptop, not HIS laptop, as I think he was the only one that was beginning to realise I was a threat. Was at it 6 months by then and was far too late for them the morons.

They had been looking at Jihadi websites of the Brit and bespectacled guy callled errr Al-Shawaddywaddy?! LOL

Who knows and who cares?

This one is also funny and I would wager the 'BUILDER & HACKER' Maswad as he had become aware I knew he was hacking Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo.

What he did not know is that I knew he was in possession of a 500 Volt Fuse?!

He was also not aware that I knew he was dismantling mobile phones on a regular basis.

Odd too as they seem to like things for FREE and they were ALL USING O2, and I told O2 so, as they all could phone each other for free?!


Anyway another call and in time likely couple more added here...

When played to some select people someone actually thought that maybe the word BUTCHER was used in Arabic to mean something else. HAHAHA.

To men later walked into The Bridge Hostel and offered couple thousand in cash for our whereabouts.

When later in a Bed and Breakfast, took some shouting and threatening that did, they actually rang up and asked for my daughter by name?! Luckily, and I owe them much thanks, they were wise to this and knew there was something going on between my daughter and me and they were told there was noone there by that name. Oddly this property also took in, for one night only, two mysterious and middle class sounding strangers that drove an Audi A6 or A8 that was brand new and followed my daughter into a smoking room and quizzed her.

They then promptly left.

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