Tuesday, 21 August 2012


OK Here we go, part one of the perliminary hearing...

Judge asked 'father' of child how does he know the child is his

Answer: I did DNA test

Judge: How did you do that?

Answer: I did it on the internet.

Judge: Talk us through how you went about doing that?

Answer: I used cotton bud on myself, gave one to 'evil ex' who did it on my son, I put both in an evelope and sent them to Canada. (?!PISSING MYSELF LAUGHING)

Judge: No, I do not think so. DO you have any proof that you did this?

Answer: No.

Judge: No I did not think so.

The claim of indecent assault came up and he claimed it was nothing of the kind and that he was racially abused 'oh dear'.

Judge: SO why is it in the Police records we have you approaching a 12 year old girl and showing her a picture of your private parts and when she did not want to know you tried to force yourself on her and kiss her?

Answer: I do not do that with under age girls.

Judge: But Sophie was 15 when she was pregnant and already living with you??


Order by judge to do test for Cannabis usage, likely other things...

Social Workers Department failed to turn up and Judge ordered a report into WHY.

Files have been released and has 7200 pages?!

Some of my family's birthday cards were amongst this...

Letters of Sophie asking to live with me

Also how the Paedophile got back in contact with Sylvia AFTER the number had been changed?!

Questions over mother's mental capacity and judgement called into question.

Prelimary hearing been ALL DAY whereas mine was 20 minutes in the exact same court in the exact same building?!

Text conversations follows and this is part one, what too place up until the break for lunch and only thing I know is on return Judge presiding looked over the papers and stated, this has turned out to be far more complicated than I had anticipated?!?! LMAO

Question of NEGELCT of children and lack of motherhood and being a mother.

The Social Worker who FAILED to arrive stated to Sophie when the files were ORDERED TO BE HANDED OVER...."I am sorry!"?!?!?! Same one who failed to turn up leading judge to order a report and for the Social Services manager to APPEAR at next hearing!!

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