Friday, 17 August 2012


Here are the amils going out to Ombudsman I have gathered together so far...

Obviously as with all the emails I post there will be the relevant and asscociated scanned documents in the other posts on the subjects.

This will likely get added to as there is also Ofcom, Oftel, LGO, IPCC & a few others but I spent couple hours trawling though the emails for just one folder and got bored and tired of it for now, LMAO. Well I would imagine there are 400 emails in just one folder and there are TWO DOZEN FOLDERS?!?! LMFAO!

PHSO is the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman bout about the same as all the others...CRAP. Do not even request to see what you have, which itself is suspicious and happens everytime.

SORRY but you cannot make judgements WITHOUT seeing what you have, they also do alot of about faces, tell you one thing for between 2 to 8 correspondences and then suddenly change.

Nowhere have I contacted or used been ANY DIFFERENT, in fact the ONE I thought would actually be the first to do something then started telling me my daughter had not sent him a letter though she sent it TWICE by recorded delivery.

Initial conversation I had with him, while at a funeral for my grandfather in Fleet in Dorset, he spoke like he was going to nail Wirral Council to the wall.

Yes you read correctly I reported to them all the things that Wirral Council had done for 16 years and it just petered out after a couple months.

FSA got cocky and insulting so I ripped shit out of them. But it was VERY CATALOGUE that said I needed to go through them.

ASA did an about face stating it was wrong and then stating there was no problem. Despite my demands to explain themselves they did not. Asked for evidence to back up there new stance and they provided nothing.

With each and everyone the pattern was exactly the same but all made one very serious flaw which gave them away.

Unfortunately this also applies to other organisations that claim to be something they are not but I will get to that in a few weeks.

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