Sunday, 19 August 2012


These are the legall letters concerning my daughter and the claims I have previously made, including that of against the legal system, which is for want of a better term ... SHIT!!!

Not all here and more will be added as and when I find them, I think there may be a number missing though I am not quite sure how this is as I kept a close guard on them for years, DESPITE BEING HOMELESS FIVE TIMES?!?!

First up is Daykin Carr in Walthamstow, East London, who went on for ages before realising that they could not even go after this case due to the location of my daughter.

There is a letter of apology somewhere.

They ofered to act as a go between but after watchig Ms Cooper smoking a FAT CIGAR ARNIE DOES, I elected to find my own and that led me onto one in Birkenhead....

Bell Lamb & Joynson:

So that is them, albiet not quite all.

Next up is when my daughter was placed in care and I treid to fond out where she was which led to the false accusation towards the Foster Carers due to me trying to find her. NICE...

Sternberg Reed Taylor Gill:

Last couple of correspondences I sent to them I got no reply!

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