Saturday, 4 August 2012

Let's get this party started!!

Right, where are all my pictures?! LOL

Oh well I will hazard a guess they are there somewhere. So first off my dreadful health situation, not made any easier by the NHS, NHS Podiatry and scores of bad GPs, albeit acting under instruc... no forced, NOT to refer me and therefore diagnosing most of my conditions, which now turns out are all inked though the NHS deny this, feck off!!

It goes back a long way, see Waltham Forest PCT picture, to around 2001, yes that IS 2001!!!

Date of diagnosis? Well that would be 8th February 2012 and they LIED ABOUT IT as well as left out an important detail or two and performed a pointless and waste of money exercise to convince me they were 'doing something'. LMAO.

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