Friday, 24 August 2012


SO just an update really on intentions.

I canvassed many people and groups each of which came up due to some linl to one of the many areas I have posted about and data on, still ongoing and I would imagine ending around last week in September 2012 to MID October 2012.

I have offered help in the form of all this data but I know not who it can help nor how.

That is down, at least for now, for the readers to decide. You can copy the data and show it to help groups or a solicitor if you have one.

It could well be that in November 2012 I may be in a position to tell you what is relevant legally as now there is a court hearing in MID November and possibly others.

So some of this may be used and I may get an idea on which sections and what can help.

For now you can see that, provided you have gone over the relevant setions of interest, err singly too, that there are just bltantly obvious lies and despite my reminding them at every turn they play dumb and just carry on regardless. They are akin to an old British 'Carry On..' film?!?!

There are other subjects too to cover so if it so happens that I have contacted you and you have scoured these posts and there is nothing of relevance to you then the chances are I mistakenly contacted you too early, forgetting I have not posted these parts of the data just yet.

The is reason and order to the way I do things and if this proves frustrating for now I do apologise.

I can only say that all will become crystal clear before very long now and end of September this will be revealed as will ither things.

I also cannot take the chance to give anyone an excuse to come and close down this blog, as they will queue around the block to stop their practices from becoming widely known.

Indeed Atos has even cloe down several websites for Disabled people purely to stop them informing each other, NICE. Hence the Protest March on the 29th August 2012 onwards at the Olympic Park!

It was also this reason I did not affiliate myself and as far as data gathering is concerned I am extremely wary about what I store and WHERE I store it.

So I did really work alone and have no affiliations with the idea being that once I had managed to acquire all I had I could the spring up with a blog such as this and just blanket everyone who can then access all the data BEFORE any chance to shut down this BOG arises.

Not being linked by way of any forums, or at east very few, also minimised my existence beoming widespread knowledge and getting back to the powers that be. At least the ones that can put a stop to me.

Regardless of WHO I have battled nor how big they are I DON'T LIKE LOSING and did not plan to do so.

So as stated I sincerely hope that whatever I post can help others, even if only t make it crystal clear to everyone the dirty tactics employed by all or most of them.

Still a few areas to go after the current one I am working on.

I hope I have helped in some way.

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