Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Oh and as far as my refurbished and used smart phone provided to my ever so kindly by well it seems that as well as managing to ignore 36 emails about it they can also manage to ignore the recorded delivery letter I sent some time ago...

I am dreading dropping a letter to the Citizen's Advice and them telling me that they, like with the lieing DWP and Atos, cannot do anything further for me as they are only an advisory service.

The funny thing is that I know more about many of the things they 'advise' on than THEY DO! Indeed in the first meeting when the lady started to advise me about a run-in with crooked bailiffs and a council that hired them I asked her what she was doing, she said 'helping' me and I said well when i asked you three years ago about this you sent me a letter stating that CAB knows nothign about bailiff laws, I can produce this document if you so wish. I then went on to say that I knew all the laws myself now with all my research and, oh so stupidly as many do, she QUESTIONED that to which I reacted by reaching into my packed out laptop backpack and pulling out a book on Bailiff Laws she did not even know existed and tore it from my grasp!

Typical, as for the statement that we will meet again, well it does not look like it. Despite my offers of help for them and the mountain of data I have amassed, not forgetting books they do not even now exist, I have not been requested to return thus far nor have the requested copies of the data.

It seems as if no one wants to admit to the existence of my data despte not even knowing even a small amount of what it contains?!

BIZARRE, it it not?

But then it is this bizarre behaviour and never ending inaction that drives me on to produce more, collect more, ask more as to my mind the longer it continues the harder it is to justify themselves if, and when, this ever gets 'out'.

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