Wednesday, 15 August 2012


But not the Ode they think!!

Right well in this post I will post all the Ombudsmen letters that I can find, no doubt some will be missing.

In all cases and despite my divulging my evidence in the one and only time I thought action was going to take place they then did an about face and contradicted themsleves and backed up the organisation in question...

That would be Very Catalogue and the Used Smartphone they sold me that has developed several faults, unusable american dictionary on predictive keyboard and eaten no less than THREE chargers in THREE MONTHS!!!

The other Ombudsman correspondence is also all gathered here but though it is intended to give an insight into all my dealings there will be inevitable and firstly a few missing and secondly does not involve the most shocking, life threatening and seriousness of my involvements because ... well there simply would not and is not an Ombudsman for that kind of thing!!


Yes definately a few missing here, need to find Ofcom, Advertising Standards Authority and others...

Ahh found the OFT letter.... hve to add the others, like ASA, at a later date

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