Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Well this is what I have been waiting for a very long time.

Now the countdown has begun, finally. From the reaction of all involved it is clear that the Social Workers deprtment and Wirral Council in general realise that not only have I done as I promised tham I would and BEATEN THEM but that I warned them hat digging a hole only puts them deepr in the mire.

The solicitor, and indeed the judge, now realise that and within these 7,200 pages will be EVERYTHING I ever sent them no matter what method I used going right back to my own pursuit of legal action 16 years ago. Plus the Barrister's Report on the day and my claims to the questionable mental heath of my evil ex that no one took any notice of nor acted upon.

A complete childhood lost, 15 years of no contact of father despite both of us trying to acieve that and the life threatening situations they placed my daughter in and her two children...

Case in point, daughter's brother Daniel playing outside in the street when he was too young to do so. His mother was sitting on her fat lazy arse as she always did when they heard a screech of tyres and went outside to find poor youg Daniel had been run-down, a youg man who told my daughter that he wished I was his DAD?!

When the ambulance and Police arrived my EVIL EX told my daughter to say that she was outside watching him and just popped inside the put the kettle on and they were, as expected, questioned to what the hell she was doing and the both said that?!

She got away with it and luckily Daniel was not killed but he was very fortunate as the accident was really bad.

On the day of the preliminary hearing my EVIL EX hovered around my daughter and even asked she go sit with them, (EVIL EX, EDL BF, ARAB DAD and his GF). Our solicitor barked ... "no thats allright she is OK where she is"

He then later stated that "your mother is one creepy crafty git trying to associate with you to find out what is going to come out in court?!"

If ONLY HE KNEW? But in 12 weeks he will know it all but he is on her case from the 'get go' and this is good, damn good.

Despite everything else I have talked about in these posts I always knew, despite what 'EXPERTS', inverted commas, stated to me, it was ALWAYS going to come down to this time of this year. I always knew that. Yes would have been nice if any organisations had done their jobs and been more concerned about people's lives, including children and disabled people, instead of just SAVING MONEY but I always really knew this would not be the case.

Being well aware of this and that of the tricks just made it really easy to get what I wanted and needed. Also it was NOT going to be a case that if I had one little thing I would go running off to a sollicitor, help organisation or other with it to get things done. Not that easy.

So it was a case of MOUNTING UP documents and though I had stuff from years ago, as you can clearly see now, I wanted it to look incontrivertable.

I did not want ANYONE INVOLVED being able to wriggle out of it. Let them play there games for so long, more letters, more ignorance, more arrogance and therefore more lies and tricks so that EVERY STEP of the way week after week and month after month the story is the same!!

This is what I did to Wirral Council and exactly what I did to others, though my daughter cottoning on early on to how I did things helped and she herself pulled off a great many things herself. She also fell for some tactics of these people with promises of what she wanted but hell she is only young. I likely would have done the exact same thing.

So it has been cat and mouse all along and 16 years I have epecting something like this, though even I am shocked at the degree it has gone on and the things that have been divulged.

I was NEVER going to give up and NEVER going to give in. Who said Never Say Never?!

Also and as I have stated before what I did, what I amassed and what I discovered could not only help me and my daughter but a great many other innocent members of the public, many not aware of this trickery and skull-duggery.

Surprisngly many have questioned my motives and reasons, for they could not see what I was doing nor why, or possible believed I got it all wrong. However as mistaken as they thought I was I thought this a pretty dumb thing to decide upon withou seeing my evidence, how can you do that? It is totally mad.

Still depsite everything I knew what I knew and I had what i had and NOTHING nor NOONE was going to deter me.

I knew i would win and I have known it in this case for 16 years and in all those years that has just been one thing in the back of my mind that I always knew was coming one day.

Sure other things cropped up along the way and I had to deal with them and I recieved the same treatment I did taking my evil ex to court.

Over the years a pattern emerged that I could see and that others could not, or did but thought the old saying 'you cannot fight city hall'.

Well I have fought city hall on a grand scale and with numerous ones at once.

I always stated to the naysayers that this ends in 2012 for that was how I planned it. It could not be achieved BEFORE the end of September, just after the Olympic games ended, but before 2012 had ended.

My daughter stated today on the phone "Dad, the Judge and my solicitor going mad and they have not even heard the rest of the truth yet???" Laughing my head off I said "I know and he is already talking about the media frenzy that is going to come over this wait till he hears the rest of it?!"


So sometime in November 2012 is the court hearing...

...but I have not finished just yet!!



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