Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oh so now the pictures go in?! GRRRR!!!!

Well a word of warning...
This may well seem like a great deal of stuff but I am afraid not. For each subject I post and for each battle I have had, of which there are a few dozen, what I post is only a bare minimal of what I have!!

I will point you to pictures I have posted, FIVE OF THEM, of the documents of evidence I possess, this is firstly NOT ALL OF IT, more has been added since they were taken and also there are digital photos, videos even and and 200 hours of audio and that number is likely way under estimated!!

For instance the NHS called me into an Emergency Meeting, as a way to refuse me based on threatening behaviour, oops got that one way wrong, backed up my the GP that later QUIT without warning. Well Like many other meetings I had, including the Police, I recorded the entire meeting.

You just cannot trust anyone these days, nor can you get the staff.

Thise two old sayings are EXACTLY, in simplest form, what I will be highlighting over the next four to 6 weeks.


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