Monday, 27 August 2012


Hmm Legal Aid?

Would not know about that but maybe would if I could have found a solicitor in the last 3 years...

I do detest how they have managed to destroy it and take away people's rights, do they ever look around themselves to see what they have done? I would imagine the answer is no?!

Well one that has courtesy to answer, if only to say no...

One that does not say one thing and then something else...

One that does not misquote the law (a la CLA)

One that does not promise you the world and then disappear in fear of the garganutan size of the cases involved?!

Maybe one day but at least my daughter has one and the Preliminary hearing already been and gone, main hearing in November 2012.

Also this solicitor realises what I was once told by the solicitor that changed his mind, this IS a 'Cause Celebre'?!

Well should know within the next 12 weeks!

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