Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Community Legal Action getting it WRONG

Well at least that is what this should show if I have posted all the right documents?!

After around 8 or more staff telling me I had a really good case and look so many times both previous and POST this event they did a complete about-face.

This happened with NO MEETING nor VIEWING of the documentation nor even seeing all the receipts to the goods taken.

This was about the bailiffs and bailiff laws I then went on to find out about from my own research, despite the CLA doing this and CAB admitting at the time they knew nothing about bailiff laws, which they now want to state that they do without knowing the existence of my BOKO ON THE SUBJECT.

So it is only to highlight that after time after time the results are the same, the about faces are the same, the contradictions are the same?!

Can this many qualified professionals all be THAT INCOMPETENT, and I include dozens of NHS staff and medical professionals on this as regardles of the area of my involvements the net results are umm what was it I said, oh yeah THE SAME! LMAO.

Do they also all not know how bloody frustrating it is when you finally think you have reached your journeys end and someone else will take up the fight from then on in only to go and do things like that? NOPE obviously not and I bet they would not like it if it happened to them?!

Now factor in how many other things I had going on, even though the situation with my daughter and the dastardly groups involved did not come along until later.

This issue still has not been dealt with.

Also annoying is how everyone is so QUICK to remind you about the Statute of Limitations on these things and on any intended legal action, oh yeah like its so easy to find the right bloody ANY representation?!?!

Oh but wait, when I ANT SOMETHING and they are dragging their feet on or trying to shirk their responsibilities if you then request the Statute of Limitations on what you are asking for suddenlyu everyone's expressions goes BLANK.

This is a bit like the CAB Office and DIAP when they state that they cannot do anything for you until you have recieved a letter of refusal and I state "well its been 6 months, what if I still have not had one in another 6 months and in that time have been requestedm and I failed, to go to over a dozen assessment meetings?!" to which they are suddenly lost for words.

Are these people not advisors?

The obvious answer in all this is similar to that of their list of solicitors they hand out I dare, and worryingly so, SAY?!

Right, Ombudsman - CHECK but few missing. Merseyside Police - CHECK. Health Details - CHECK but needs re-checking and evidence of my pwn personal injuries posting! Very Catalogue - CHECK. BAILIFFS - CHECK. DWP and ATOS - CHECK. NHS - Hmm probably missing whole bunch of stuff....

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