Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hmm well I thought I would put these two up for now...

When I first was contacted I discovered that my EVIL EX was only part of the problem and over time the new one become far bigger and more troubling.

This chap, Sabah Karim (if that is how it is spelt - not his real name anyway and not even close), saw himself as my daughter's boyfriend and held her against her will on his flat where another fellow countryman of his was staying, Star Jamal. He did not allow my daughter to say the word 'God', nor allow her to eat PORK.

As well as this he often demanded she should start wearing a hibab, letter box headset thingy lol, and also kept her bank card and helped himself to her benefits?! He would hide the card and when taking £100 out would return to the property waving the money about saying 'the bank that likes to say ... YES!' He would beat her too and lock her in the flat and on one ocassion told her he loved her so much he would kill her than to ever allow her to leave him, but do not take my word for it I recorded him saying as much to me.

More infuriating is that he had a business nearby, in Liverpool, which was an Off Licence and I can bet your bottom dollar I know who funded THAT?! Not being content with recieving our taxes to have a home and start a business and stealing my daughter's benefits for 8 months he also dealt in drugs and sold tax free cigarettes and other items in his shop.

Crazy at it sounds his flat mate Star was far more troubling. Not supposed to pray, long story, but did so 5 times a day while banging his head into a wall and crying?! He also burned Arabic symbols into one of his arms to quite extensive degrees. A doctor spotted it and his face turned white, luckily for him that GP could not read Arabic. He also followed my daughter everywhere like a lost puppy and whenever the Police came banging at the door would be the first one out and be in their faces confonting them while intently provonking them. On one ocassion my daughter overheard the Police Offices stating they wanted to beat the 'living crap' out of him. I for one would not have argued if I am brutally honest.

Star's behaviour was extremely worrying as was his mental state, some mornings my daughter would wake and find him asleep on teh floor at the end of the bed, NAKED?! He often flirted with her too and even in front of Sabah and this lead to my daughter getting beaten by Sabah as the coward could not confront his crazy and mental flat mate and have th eballs to tell him to stop or kick him out.

In fact when Star did leave the property it was I that scared the crap out of him in a phone conversation when my daughter phoned me in tears. I demanded she handed him the phone and she was unwilling to do that stating I would only make things worse but I raised my voice and she handed it over. Then I told him a series of things that he PRETENDED not to understand as his English was bad. By the end of it he had stopped using that excuse and I said 'you understand me full well' to which he said yes. back on the phone with my daughter she had calmed down and said 'dad, I do not know what you said to him but he is f*cking packing?!'

He fled, not entirely for good but was the last time he ever set foot back in that flat. But then he did realise one thing in all that lecture I gave him, I KNEW WHERE THE FLAT WAS!

Unfortunately and as a spur of the moment thing I did not record that conversation, though that does not mean to say that it was NOT recorded. After all my arrival in Liverpool caused a bit of a stir and there had to be a reason for that to take place.

So first up is Sabah...after THE ESCAPE


Second up is a conversation where I discovered that Sabah had actually called O2 and had my daughter's number switched to HIS SIM-CARD?!

Now I KNEW there was something wrong, I was later told by Simon Broadhurst that there was nothing wrong and that they had met and spoke with Sophie and she was fine.

This turned out to be a lie and that the Police had never ONCE visited my daughter nor spoke to her on the phone and indeed got their information via the evil ex mother I had already warned them about?!?! MORONS!!!

Two Arabic men were to later walk into the hostel and offer several thousand pounds in cash for information on our wherabouts to members of staff. My daughter has moved twice by then, first a better hostel with a friend and then to a B&B.

O2 Switching numbers at Sabah's request...


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