Thursday, 16 August 2012


Right OK and as I was forced ahead of schedule on this one I will be selective and post a selection of letters i have had, OVER THE YEARS!!

This will not be all of them as, like I have now managed with a few other 'AREAS', i have not hobbled them altogether.

As i am now sitting here waiting for the phone to ring I may as well get this posted so that anyone that does come on and reads the revelations in the previous POSTING can then see here what I refer to, as ever I hope that all the significant ones are here?!

The POLICE COMPLAINT and IPCC COMPLAINT you will have to refer back to the posting on the Police, which itself needs to have a few other letters and docs added to it.

The lady I also referred to whereby I accused her of NOT having my daughter's well being as her priority and instead just using it as a gendre was, later agreed at a court hearing by a Barrister to the Court who was firstly a woman and secondly dead hard on me for the first thirty minutes reduding my mother to tears.

The Barrister commended me as did the judge, although technically I lost, said it was a crying shame and cathy O'Mahoney was waiting for her chance in court after severalmajor rows between us but the judge refused her to speak. Passing her on leaving I said 'well i guess all that crap you uttered was not important enough to be heard in court?' much to her angry look.

Sad part about it is it was my daughter and now my grandchildren who lost that day and my grandchildren should not be here as my daughter had them both just before turning 16?! This was ENCOURAGED by my evil ex, as was the shoplifting, stealing and taking over £5,000 from her own mother's bank acocount, discovered by the bank but not who did it and they returned the money thinking someone had stolen the card?! I KID YOU NOT!

So you have some idea now as the reader at what is to come but trust me when i say this: You could not even begin to guess what comes NEXT!!! Though the most chocking of this will be at the end of all the postings.

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