Thursday, 16 August 2012

Grandsons are SAFE!!

Well just come off the phone to my daughter, recorded of course.

My grandsons are OK.

In our conversation she said her solicitor stated that he had NEVER even HEARD of a case like this and the media are going to go nuts over men and her.

I said "I told you so!"

He also stated that she should NOT speak to Wirral Council or Social Services about this any more as it is obvious they are covering up 16 years of mistakes?!

I said "I told you so!"

This means that in the court case and the argument to be made is this will go right back to MY COURT APPEARENCE which was ... well 16 years ago.

Now, via this BLOG and other sites all the necassary files can be accessed by various solcitors as well as help groups whenever they so wish, which ones they want to see the originals for they can then simply request!

Another reason I did this!!

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