Thursday, 28 February 2013


Well that is what my broadband should be called as it is noting of the kind, as stated before it has never been that great and the last few days it has been very slow and tonight it took me an hour before I could see a webpage.

Indeed I have been trying to get Hotmail, Amazon and Blogger up in the last 30 minutes and it takes forever!

It took over thirty seconds just to get this post edit page up and as I cannot do anything else and seem to have fatigue yet again for the fourth night in a row, despite a slow cycle to the dentist today, I am trying not to nod off while resisting the urge to use my laptop as a Frisbee as it is not down to the laptop, or the smartphone as a skipping stone in the nearby river?!

Quite how they can charge for this garbage service is beyond me and i keep throwing my head back in a micro sleep every time there is a long pause!

While you edit these posts Blogger automatically saves what you type and insert every 30 seconds and despite it being just simple text, or ASCII codes to those who are familiar, it has thrown up a problem saving message twice already and indeed just as I typed that it has disappeared.

Is free gold, money and booze being given away on line tonight or is it just my crap connection has got worse?

This is how T-Mobile went after a few months before I switched to O2 and their dongles before it lasted a week before stoppping altogether. The second SIM-CARD and then DONGLE they sent me both refused to work at all.

ANother occasion whereby I tell them where the fault is, they insist it is somewhere or something else only to end up taking days or weeks and then admitting I was correct in the first instance!! That happened with T-Mobile and then O2 and I do not know whether I have the bloody energy to go through yet another fiasco that will just be a repeat of the last two?!

I have long since known, or admitted by a T-Mobile engineer after a dozen conversations, that a data cable broke near my home and was supposed to be fixed and it now seems it had not been. I would wager it STILL has not been fixed and that conversation took place over two years ago now.

Astonishing and the error saving work message has just come up and gone fact ever since I have had a mobile broadband connection any time I write anything, blog post, email, web email etc I have to highlight all my text once I have done then right click and click on copy as if often bombs out and I would lose a great deal of typed text around 30% of the time or more.

Hopefully I will be in a position soon to go back over to a hardline and blow it these mobile phone firms until such a time they stop thinking of nothing else that signing you to a contract, stop being damned greedy and aloof and actually sorted out the service that they do not have while trying to sign every and their brother onto?!

Well along with everyone else then, eh?

Do you think they watch the news? I mean when you talk to these people from all these companies on the phone and no matter whether they are private or public you would never believe we were way over two years into the hardest times in living memory with no sign of anything improving would you?

I can imagine these people on those stupid refresher training courses they are forced to go on and being told...'do NOT mention the 'R' word! Pretend like it has not happened!' LOL.

I found it astounding to hear of the mention of the Bank of England considering venturing into NEGATIVE interest rates meaning that the banks would have to pay the Bank of England fees, oh how hilarious please do, to store their money as they are not lending it out and that this may force them to change that.

Well it is a bit hard when no one has any money and it must be bloody annoying to be told by the government via the media two completely opposing things...

No pensions so you better save and while you are doing that make sure you still spend money as the economy is fecked?!

They are requesting this of a ever growing percentage of people that have no money to do EITHER!!

Despite my outlandish claims that these government trade agreements, they are always outlandish to its been proven to be fact, where we just get shipped all the crap stock and sold to us at full RRP or at times even higher. Or when there are too many offered at half price.

Mind you I am assuming readers might think my claims as outlandish but I would challenge anyone to turn the clock back several months and if I had typed on here that Beef Burgers were made up of Horse meat and so were many other things as well as the meatballs in Ikea do you not think that would have been even MORE far fetched that just about anything I have divulged throughout this blog's existence?!

LMAO! I know I certainly would have done the exact same thing had someone said that to me I would have walked away think 'crazy?!'.

Now I am just using up time on this post hoping that the connection problem cures itself as I could not open emails in Hotmail using Google Chrome and it was pretty much useless.

Tomorrow I have a friend visiting in the morning and then I have to go out and do a couple of things to counter act the extra expense I have had to lay out for this camera by selling some treasured positions in a Cash Converter type store and NO, it will not be CEX! LOL. Well I hope not but I will make a few calls before I go out tomorrow that is for sure, lol.


Well here it is! I have taken a few photos of it, including it NOT fitting in the case the Nikon L810 DID fit in but I am not complaining. lol.

You see that tells me it has a far bigger and wider lens and I made the decision based on a couple of webpages I visited which were...

Pocket Lint and in particular...

Steves Digital Cameras if I remember correctly?!

The latter was an impressive site and clearly showed how the Olympus has less noise at an ISO of 800, which is good as low light shots will be better, than the Nikon P510.

Now that I have it I am surprised at how easy it it to use, I did try out the previous SP-810UZ of the CEX fiasco, and it seemed a little harder to use than my Nikon Coolpix S8200 and focusing too was tricky...

This 820 model seems a world away to me than that play I had with the 810 and that getting shots is a great deal easier than the Nikons I had even on maximum zooms?! It also identifies objects in the scene and can choose to focus on one. If it is the wrong one just release the button and press again slightly and it would focus on another and possibly the correct one?!


The rear screen is bigger and clearer too making it easier.

Yes it has no view finder but I do not see that as being that big a deal right now if I am honest but maybe I will in time.

The only downsides is that it fells ever so slightly cheap, especially the lens housing, but that feeling is waning. It would have been nice if it had that rubbery wet look finish you normally see on these cameras as the actually overall design is very nice.

Be warned though as I was convinced the camera, from all its photos, was tiny and would easily fit in the hard case I wasted money on for the Nikon L810?! INdeed if I ever get around to putting up the recording of me in the Argos Store getting this you will clearly, or not, hear me state that if I go for this and not the Nikon P510 at least this WILL fit in my hard case?!

Umm it is big only as far as the lens is concerened but that is no bad thing, right?! LOL.

After all its the lens really that is all important with only ease of use coming into play in recent times due to all this automated focusing and zooming.

By the way there are some clever stuff to manipulate you shots taken in the MAGIC setting and drawing in particular I LOVE.

It has a minimal amount of manual control with a P 0Program) Setting but if it had control of at least the aperture and shutter speed it would have been perfect.

I was worried about switching over to this Olympus despite me liking what I had previously seen and read but I am glad now that I did. Friends that run a local store got to see the zoom power of it and were well impressed.

Does not do something annoying the Nikon L810 did in that when you forgot to take the lens cap of the camera did not like it and requested you switch it off and on after removing the cover?!

Bad design and stupid if you ask me. I am used to taking covers off because I have owned several SLRs in 30 years. But a current Nikon Coolpix opens and closes its own cover and I got used to this only to get the L810 and have it want to protrude the lens a little when switching on?! STUPID!

This camera does not move the lens at all on switching on so forgetting to take off the cover is not big deal and does not WASTE precious seconds...

...I only hope that Nikon models with the 20 suffix in them have corrected this bad design fault?!

Unusual for Olympus going for a MODERN design and not making it look like a 1970s camera. Beautiful to look at.

This hard case below I could place the Nikon Coolpix L810 inside and close the case with a snug fit?!

As you can see I could not even come close with the Olympus?! LMAO! You may think that would make the camera far heavier than the Nikon but it is indeed a little lighter in matter of fact.


Well here is the last email from Argos.

It states they do not accept cameras back, HUH?!?! But they are REFURBISHED?!

I had forgooten about this and it does state this in their catalogues but now I find this shocking but now wonder why and how they get away with it?!

Unless of course the cameras are SUPPLIED by Nikon UK under the agreement that they will accpet the Cameras that turn out to be faulty for REPAIR?!

Oh deary me Nikon UK!

Oh and note how they say about the SEAL being intact is the only way they will accept it?! Well that IS funny and maybe they WERE expecting me at that Argos depot as I had no quibbles whatsoever unless of course its common knowledge they are refurbished items and my mentioning it out loud sealed the deal?!

Oh and also note how they suggest that I open up the exchanged item with a member of staff?!


I burst out laughing when I saw that one!

I am always using my WAVE THEORY. Start off nice and provide enough details for a reaction. Not much happens then make some slightly bigger waves wait for the reaction. NOTHING then make a few series of ever increasingly larger waves...

No two ways about it, should have taken ONE email. Just checked and I have FIVE, 5, from Nikon and FIVE from Argos?!

No doubt their will be a 6th from Nikon but I will be ignoring and not replying any more.

Argos Email...


Here is the latest email where the seem to have forgotten certain... facts.

What follows this screenshot of their email is my response and the PHOTOGRAPH I sent them.

It really does get frustrating when you join up the dots for these people and its not enough, then you add and join up MORE dots and continue this and then they forget about the dots from the first two DIAGRAMS.

That is outright and clearly EVASIVE.

Dear Martin Maco


I am not even going to read beyond the first paragraph to need to reply and explain in even easier terms for you and this time I am supplying a PHOTO.

I had stated at an earlier point that the sticker beneath was littered with the word VOID. So in other words whoever placed the original sticker on there had intended for the item NOT TO BE RESOLD and yetthe sticker was covered over by Argos' sticker.

NOW! I shall re-explain WHY this is important as IF I was running a HQ that was a representative of the Nikon brand I would...

1) Want to know how this happened...

2) Stop this happening again because...

3) I would be extremely concerned about what the kind of incident would do to the Nikon brand which is highly regarded around the WORLD, not just the UK, for precision engineering and quality and also that if Nikon Japan themselves knew NOTHING about it they would go crazy of they ever discovered this.

The reasons I gave, like counterfeit no matter how unlikely, is neither here nor there mate!

It is what will be done with the brand name and the world is a much smaller place today as local and national newspapers are not companies biggest problem as the INTERNET is global!

In fact if anything questionable is going on I can tell you with certainty that whoever set it all up I would not trust to look after an Hamster as they are obviously bloody incompetent. I have had several goods in my house many I still possess that came from questionable sources and have an email from the manufacturer of a faulty smartphone I purchased from Shop Direct via and Motorola themselves confirmed that the phone was originally sold via AT & T in America!

That is just one example.

The camera has been returned but I have KEPT evidence of its possession and have a whole series of detailed photographs of it and the seals. I have now opted for an Olympus and as far as using it and getting pictures it has been pretty impressive I must say and I decided against the P510, which is a shame.

Now when I was in the store returning the camera they did not even know about me, very odd, and exchanged it no hassle but I knew this all along and THAT was NOT the point IN THE EXERCISE!

Now I will repeat what I said to the lady in the store and let us see if it sinks in, unless the Nikon Brand globally is now a completely different company to what I remember?!?!

"I have a bad DISABILITY and it is quite debilitating and there is a delayed reaction so when I am messed about I end up paying for it and I have done for three days now which is why it took me so long to exchange it in part (I did explain this to YOU & Argos). Your customer services called me and spent 20 minutes speed talking about how they do not sell refurbished products but I know that it is. I have contacted Nikon HQ UK as well as Nikon HQ Japan as this is very concerning but right now it only seems to be me that is concerned about it. I am afraid to say that it will not stay this way over the coming months. My friend who visits drops me an Argos catalogue every so often and him and the whole town where he lives where everybody knows him all shop at Argos and yet he suggested I try to save money (as disabled people ARE treated like low life forms presently even paralympians) by BUYING a camera of eBay or Gumtree and do you know what I said? 'No a camera is a fine and intricate piece of engineering and the lenses are coated in a film that allows more light to transfer through to reach the sensor to get the sharpest images. I would rather go to a name like Argos and buy a product by Nikon so that I KNOW WHAT I AM (BLOODY) GETTING."

Broken down and joining the dots for you...

1) I have wasted money on top of what I spent on the camera as well as suffered a great deal of uneccessary pain.

2) I have only been issued with apologies, and I can now see them being FALSE ONES, by both parties.

3) They have failed to appreciate the simplest implications of all that I describe and two journeys in pain and I get a walk around the building looking at boxes when I was fully expecting at some point Nikon UK contacting Argos and despite what it says in the rest of your email this is shooting yourselves in the foot.

Now as far as I am concerned this is now over for me but I can now assure you it is far from over for you and Argos and I have told them the same thing. Do you know they even asked me when I had the Olympus SP-820 if I wanted to buy a Sandisk16GB Ultra Card at £20?! I said no lady I already have one of those I had bought for this Nikon and I paid £10.49 for it from Amazon and without the 30% off?!

Now let us say that a third party was privy to all the emails that I have from both yourselves and Argos? What do you think the wider public would make of it all?

Now as I stated I have exchanged to camera and this for me is now over and as far as all my suspicions are concerned it is now 'out of my hands' so to speak and I cannot say any more than that.

Thank you for taking the tie to walk around your building.


Martin Haswell BSc

So the word VOID means nothing to Nikon UK despite the fact that in their own admission Argos are an authorised dealer?

Does not know who put the sticker on and does not care.

Argos even asked me when I exchanged if I wanted to buy an Memory Card at a reduced price of £20 and I said I had the same car indoors I bought off Amazon for the offending Nikon camera I bought for £10.49 with NO 33% off?!


Mad World!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Well after a arrival noted via digital banking I decided it was time to end the fiasco with Argos and the Nikon Camera.

I had emailed Argos about a possible exchange for something higher priced and had emailed them two days ago and again a day before that. But they had gone eerily quiet and I guess they knew I had not been neither fooled not convinced.

To my surprise it was a very painful process and I had a short list of two cameras. One that Argos stocked while not stocking the other and the second was in PC World 100 yards away.

The Argos model was the Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ with 40x zoom and a programmable mode giving SOME manual controls. The PC WORLD one would be the Nikon P510 and the one that was top of my previous list before I saw the Olympus.

Once there was a time when getting such a shoddy deal would have had the store compensating you with a discount over the extra expense or a free case, especially as the one I had bought for the Nikon was now useless as the Olympus was way, WAY bigger and left a two inch gap between the zips when in the case!

I failed to realise this until I got home so then had to order ANOTHER ONE. I recorded myself while in the store too and took a photo of something that had slipped my mind in all the kerfuffle. Boxes of Nikon L810s right behind the collection counter on the shelf. I had thought that was odd when I bought the Nikon but thought nothing of it.

I took the new Olympus out on the same circuit I did with the Nikon and no problems whatsoever other than the batteries supplied surprisingly running out 3/4 of the way round. This may have been partly my own doing.

Should not have done that.

Had planned to pick up a football as requested by physiotherapy for my back but I got tired and went home instead.

This happens from time to time but has happened a great deal if late and for the last three days running?!

I just wanted to sleep once I got indoors and that is something else peculiar with me too. Like my grandmother when she was alive we was alike in that when we was up then we was up. Sleeping during the daylight hours just never happened. Up until several months ago this was beginning to occur but very seldom. In the last few days feels like a daily occurring thing. I realise now its the fatigue part of CMT but I call it a bloody pain in the arse!

Its that feeling like crap feeling I have reported having several times previously and it is worrying as I felt like I did sod all in the last few days but it is obviously still took much!

I guess I should be grateful as I do now know what causes this, no thanks to the NHS in any way other than a look of shock on a Podiatrists face that, unaware to me st the time, would lead to the link to CMT. Well its still a pain in the arse and now more frequent but at least the dreaded stress of not understanding what the hell if going on does not occur any longer. Than f...the stars for that as the increase in frequency does leave new run down and tired so some things will...get to be briefly until I recover from the fatigue.

I did not switch the laptop in when I entered the house. Therefore I did not play Skyrim. Hmm I don't think I did, lol, took buggered to be honest and I did go upstairs put on the film Hellboy but went through periods if sleep while it was on!

Even now I am slowly typing this using my phone and eyelids are heavy. Definitely need to sleep well and I have an appointment with Dentist tomorrow and, I think, appointment with Physiotherapy on Friday and getting to them had been part if what had been stressing me out while fatigued.

God damn it! Lol.

The other stressful thing is the extra cost if this camera and will be several days before I have managed to counter the extra outlay despite it being only £130!


Right off to sleep...again!


Well here you will see the latest and umpteenth email from Nikon HQ UK.

Note how he treats me like a disgruntled customer and yet after all these email not a SINGLE MENTION of contacting Argos, one of the biggest names in retail around, to find out WHERE they sourced these cameras from?!

Evasion of a problem is tantamount to an admission of guilt in my book and always has been and the best they can do is check a few boxes. Astonishing as how they think that this is not even serious enough to even contact Nikon HQ Europe about?!


Dear Martin Maco

First off you assumed I contacted Nikon Corporation HQ to find out if my item was counterfeit.

I am afraid to say that you are putting for too much emphasis on this merely being a consumer that wants his item sorted out and instead missed the point that I do not really care that much as it is, as you stated, easy to sort out by simply getting a refund.

No the point is that something far bigger, serious and more troubling is going on in the UK and I have seen it before and it is troubling not to mention highly illegal.

I do not think it was wise to insinuate that it is impossible to counterfeit products, even YOURS. Fifteen years ago you might have been quite correct but many extremely good counterfeit products have come out of China in recent times. I could counter your argument by saying well how come Samsung can now make cameras? Sony were never a camera outfit yet they do today. It only takes enough MONEY and a country to do it in. I am surprised to be honest that you would even say that.

No I contacted Nikon because they are a brand I have long adored and I think their name will be brought into disrepute because something is widespread in the UK and though I have not explained it fully to yourselves due to the lack of concern your HQ in the UK in all honesty. I also think there is something far more widespread going on in the UK and have evidence of other firms doing this kind of thing with 2 other big name retailers and two OTHER manufacturers. I just did not expect it with Argos and Nikon if I am honest and I think it is a shame what is now going to be done with these big names.

After all I did tell you there were TWO stickers on the Nikon box and you openly admitted that it should have had no stickers at all on the box. This means that the SECOND STICKER is not Argos' nor is it yours then just WHO placed it on the box in the first place. It really is not that hard to work out but your HQ is not concerned about it at all over than running around checking some boxes in the building.

You never once in all the emails mentioned anything about even emailing Argos to find out where they got this item from?

I wanted to inform you but immediately got worried at your lack of concern, likely as your supervisor, who may or may not know more than he is telling you, has told you to deal with me in a certain way.

Of course there are other paths to deal with this other than the Nikon HQ and the Argos Customer Services and I do believe that if there is something highly questionable going on and crime committed it should be exposed and stopped.

Unfortunately you, or your supervisor, failed to pick up on this being my concern and have responded like I am just a screaming customer wanting my money back. Well I could have walked to the store to do that I do not need to email you nor Nikon Corporation to do that but after several emails to and fro we are still in the starting blocks and THAT is what I have referred to as worrying!

Also consider this, I buy  Nikon product for durability and expertise of manufacturing and it is made, as you so eloquently put it, made to exact engineering standards by top people in their field in Japan.

But both YOU and Argos have repeatedly remarked about having it REPAIRED by someone in the UK?

That is not what someone who buys a Nikon item wants to hear.

The obvious answer is that if Nikon UK HQ are not reacting in the correct manner then that implies something bigger is going on. That is why I contacted Nikon Corporation in Japan, I have deal on business terms with Japanese before, and I have had an email back from them already to state they would get back to me.

I do find it odd that you would also ask to let you know IF I heard back from them or not too and sounded condescending if I am honest, or sarcastic.

If you so wish and at your request I can send a screenshot of the email to you.

By the way other than the fact I am a top expert in several areas of science and other areas the BSc after my name is for Applied Computing so yes, I know my way around a computer, electronic devices and the Internet before Nikon even had a digital camera on the market, I know this as I knew a man who paid £7,000 for the very first one when I had a lowly Fujifilm.

Now I DO hope that make my position abundantly clear as several email seem to have failed to get the message across.

If this is down to your supervisor and he is an annoying idiot then tell him I said he is bloody incompetent too?!

You see I tend to view evasiveness as an admission of guilt and that is why I contacted Nikon Japan for answer and I am VERY hard to ignore. But do not worry about that as I am sure in the coming months you will realise this as a fact all on your own without any help from me.


Martin Haswell BSc

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I did state previously that the best camera for me really was the Nikon P510 or the Olympus SP-820UZ and these have a 42x Zoom and 40x Zoom respectively!

Now the P510 has bee superseded by the P520 but not much of a difference for me to want the newer version and the zoom is the same.

However it has come to my attention that the one I bought, the Nikon Coolpix L810, has itself been superseded but I had assumed that the newer version would have the same 26x Zoom power as the L810.

Only I did discover, and completely forgot with everything going on, that the ZOOM has increased in power to 30x?!

Now I had initially wanted a 36x zoom or better. I settled for a 26x zoom I had hoped had worked out a bit better than it turned out but I was OK with it.

So the question now is that the EXTRA OUTLAY I would lay out for the L820 would be a lot less than say the P510. But it is 30x zoom to 42x zoom.

Annoyingly the Olympus is 40x zoom compared to the 30x zoom for the Nikon L820 for the same extra money?!

However I do prefer the Nikon name...STILL for the time being.

BUT... I can find the P510 locally for £250 in PC World and NOT ARGOS, the latter would have made life EASIER.

ALSO...I cannot find ANYONE, other than Amazon, that does the NEW models of Nikon L820 nor can I fond anyone that sells the Olympus SP-820UZ, which came out awhile ago now, but I CAN FIND the older Olympus SP-810UZ I was originally going to buy from CEX (which annoyingly started all this thinking, needing and wanting) for £98 and yet in Tesco in Ponders End, Enfield they have ot labelled at £186 for this 36x model despite the rather stylish, in the pictures, SP-820 Model being £200 on Amazon?!


Just found out online that the L820 was release in January 2013 and THAT is the benefit of buying this one, there is a far GREATER CHANCE it WILL BE a NEW CAMERA?! LMAO!

Going for the P510, albeit in yet another nearby and big name store, I cannot help but think I will just end u with another refurbished item sold as new to go with the Nikon S8200, Samsung Blu-Ray Player, Mororola Atrix Smartphone and the Nikon L810 I will be returning shortly when I am fit enough to do so.

(though I am starting to think that the faulty Nikon might just be more valuable to me staying here instead of RETURNING the offending item?! As placing photos, documents and all else up on here has yet to garner the reaction I would otherwise have expected and maybe a SECOND item in my possession my do the trick, despite losing a great deal of money and loss of use of a camera and a critical stage for ALL my blogs?!

NAHHH I am not going to do that!!


God I really do hate shopping for anything I want, REALLY I DO!


Meanwhile and felling like crap Eon Energy want to phone and speak to me about another silly payment setup when I had already explained all this to them and that this camera should have been purchase over a year ago and will HELP ME with this and the other blogs, along with my YouTube account and OTHER SITES.

It seems spending money to make money does NOT APPLY when you have next to nothing, well I am assuming to be honest. When I am up to answering the phone to them, and they DO KNOW of my blogs as I gave them all the web addresses, we will see if its just hand out their hands time again or some level of understanding?!



I just spent over an hour in my bath...panicking!

There are times in ones life when things occur that suddenly allow you to enter moments of clarity and my bath event is a case in point!

I am presently still robed up.

Today and after the visit from my friend I decided against my better judgement to go out and see two other friends to tell them what had happened in the last 12 hours and how I thought my friend was going to knock himself out on a small aquarium on a side table next to him, he was rolling around with laughter that much.

I thought telling them, as they are in Dire Straits themselves, would bring them some laughter too but before I went out I sent them a text that simply said 'I am coming round with a fascinating invention called a cardboard box?! But this is no ordinary box as it is Pandora's Box!!'

When I showed them the box the Nikon Camera came in and then showed them the fact there was not ONE but TWO seals on the box they understood. Then I hot them with what Nikon UK had told me and they said 'ohh Pandora's Box?'

After a discoussion about it and mentioning of BBC Watchdog, sorry i just do not trust anyone and even they now agreed that it is not just food but you cannot trust ANYTHING you buy form anyone today' I had a coffee and took some pain killers as my lower legs were playing up rather badly. No not my feet my LOWER LEGS.

I started to become rather light headed and ended up making my excuses and leaving and indeed I had told them I was going to go to Sainsburys and buy the Caffeine Free Tea Bags and they asked why and the remembered it affected my Restless Leg Syndrome.

Only I had not got very far when I wondered if I was even going to get a couple of hundred yards and the light headedness became worse. I decided NOT to go and get the Tea Bags and instead ventured home!

When I got here I posted the emails I had just recieved and sent and went off to take a bath.

While suspended in the warm water I started t experience something I had not done previously and from time to time I get this creeping feeling in a calf muscle which is NOT Restless Leg Syndrome. Often when I do experience this I get panicky as I think I am going to have one of those calf muscle locks ups that will wake up several neighbours and scared the crap out of many a family member over the years, some now deceased.

Only this time the feeling was slightly different in a couple of ways as...


IT was a combination of mild throbbing with a waxing and waning experience.

In other words it would throb but build up right to the point I thought they would go into spasm but then start going down again. I also notice that IF I lifted my toes it would aggravate this and it would head upwards in the intensity immediately.

BOTH LEGS?! This rising and falling of this throbbing, but never stopping entirely, was very new to me and I laid there suspended in the warm water now scared to move at all. I wondered if an attempt to get out of the bath just might set off a strong spasm in BOTH legs where just one is quite enough believe me on that score.

Basically I was kinda... SHITTING MYSELF and no I was not suspended amidst a whirl of my own excrement just petrified that the spasms I had not had for a couple of years, oddly since I upped all the painkillers, was about to make a dramatic return?!

The odd thing is that other than a spasm I used to get in my toe that ONLY occurred when I was awake the spasms in my calf muscle only ever occurred at night!!

This happened while sleeping at my grandparents house one night whereby I awoke screaming like a banshee and my poor grandmother thought there were burglars and I had tried to stop them and was in the process of being stabbed?!

It would have been a lesser fate!

I could not answer as they pleaded with me to tell them what was wrong. In these moments I am unable for the life of my to string out a single syllable!

This happened one night in my present home when my mother and a brother stayed and my brother was ordered at 3am to burst into my bedroom to find out what was happening. Again I could not get a word out until it died down.

On every occasion this would be around 2.30am to 3am and on every occasion it would only be ONE LEG!

So there I floated...staring at my lower legs and wondering if I could not actually get both legs go simultaneously ! The thought did not bare thinking about!

Whether or not this is connected to the light headed feeling I know not. But as it was new and by now a number of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease sufferers and possibly even Doctors who specialise in it may come on here I thought I would come down while it was still fresh in my mind and type it out and post about it.

After all every single post and for each subject I cover the information I provide just may help someone...somewhere?

Right now I am on my sofa with my laptop, stop stating the obvious Martin, and my legs still feel very odd but the feeling I explained above has died down!

But I may be a little nervous if I am close to falling asleep and I still feel anything?!


When I float there and realise I am possibly faced with a prospect such as this one and the many others that I can have shoved upon me in my life it is times like this when I think of how this blog started and why I am able to do the things I do!

Yes OK maybe my visionary nature into seeing the wood despite the trees is just part of it but I lost count of the number of times I was told, along with the number of different people that said it, to 'BE CAREFUL'.

Then I am in these moments have drastic possibilities and I remember why I am able to do what I do as NOTHING could compare with these things I have experienced over and over again. So I have conned and tricked some of the biggest names in the UK into divulging secrets or just stated things that show someone somewhere is up to something.

I say the above whether or not the people I speak to are aware of what is really going on or totally naive to it. Quite possibly when they are told to reply to me in a certain way, and not speaking to me directly, the arrogance that someone such as me could not possibly do the things I do or realise what is really going on is totally impossible, unrealistic and hugely unlikely. So they gamble.

But it is exactly that kind of gamble that I rely and and use against them.

What can they do that has not been done to me already?

What point is living a life if not doing something honourable and to be remembered by?

Try to set an example.

It should now appear crystal clear to all in just those few emails back and forth between Argos, Nikon and myself?!

These were just a few emails over a few days, other things throughout this blog went on for a bloody great deal longer. If I can do that in just a couple of emails over 48 hours what could I achieve with a month? How about a year? What of a decade?

So over time I had hoped that the thousands of visitors I now have that even the ones hardest to convince will just now see the light.

I knew this from day one and I was well aware that despite everything there would be numbers of people that will doggedly stick to their beliefs and that it would only be in the very long run would they see.

Of course some will flat out refuse to believe and do this after reading very little indeed and this I can do nothing about. I can only keep showing, keep recording, keep making videos, keep scanning, keep tricking but using the truth to do so and hope that in time people do see.

While immersed in the warm water and thinking of these things it occurred to me, even while faced with a terrible pain I am unable to describe, that what I had missing in the length of the life of this bog is a situation that could occur that could closely fit into a sound bite for those with short attention spans.

It occurred to me that this business with Argos and Nikon might just be it. Despite my fury at settling for a camera not quite up to what I needed it for receiving this faulty one was very frustrating to begin with and I lost a series of photo opportunities, or got bad ones, but may just turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The emails are there and they make no sense, everyone I know realises this even the people who themselves were non-believers in my theories up until a year ago. The very people I fell out with pressurising me to contact BBC Watchdog over this!

Well as I explained to BBC Watchdog in the email I had started this blog quite some time ago and it was INTENDED to be a stealthy move against those committing the biggest crimes against the public and even humanity. I had planned it so that it would hopefully stay out of the gaze of those I attacked long enough that I had enough people that had visited my blogs, and other webpages, that it was then too late to do anything about the blogs and other sites with kicking off a viral storm that would spread around the Internet and around the globe!

Of course there were possible pitfalls beyond my control here and yet it was these possible people that could visit I had been trying to reach out to since August 2012 when I started this blog. front line staff that did not know what was really going on. Some would be brain washed jobsworths that would not possible think their organisation or employers capable of such things...

But other smart arses might have recently suspected something or indeed suspected something for quite some time?!

I have referred to these people all along and for the longest times and repeatedly so...


Some of these people would not even have realised it at the time while others may have already considered possible actions they could take. Much of it relies on conscience and it was this I had tried to appeal to?!

I am honest, honourable and good and despite how I may sound at times I believed others were out there that either WERE the same or longed to be. Do-gooders you could argue.

Yes my posts have certainly twisted and turned along the way but I never claimed I was anything more than human and I would play on frustration, sorrow and anger among other things in the hope t illicit emotions in the readers.

There are also the obvious ones too and I recently provided a diagram to that effect. The trouble is that when you strive to make a difference and you know you are correct in your line of thinking it is first off proving it and as I stated getting through to people who seem unusually harder to convince but its is a long process.

There were lots of possible avenues when I started all this and I was well aware that others would present themselves. In the long run when you have tried every avenue and you still hit brick walls despite the evidence you have provided and still nothing seems to happen in certain quarters these avenues become more questionable over time.

I referred to doing things of an illegal nature if I was forced to or indeed had to. I hope and do believe it would not come to this. Many that read it might have misconstrued what I was referring to but that really does not matter because I am well aware of what I refer to...

You see everywhere in my posts are very bad things going on throughout the UK and these things are ILLEGAL and at best IMMORAL and therefore should me ILLEGAL! I mean we have enough bloody laws and many of them are just plain stupid. So how can these grand things go on without being investigated or even reported on?

Would this not then give the impression that breaking the law is OK? Would you consider it a possibility that a fair faction of the public are already thinking along these lines? People talk to each other and as more and more people get cheesed off and talk do you think that the number of people in society thinking the laws are not worth obeying might grow?!

What happens when these groups reach certain numbers that as a collective they feel all powerful?

Now ask yourselves exactly WHICH LAWS will they cast by the wayside? Will common sense prevail when they decided to do this as a collective?

If so then just WHO will they target? Who will they see as the villains?

Now I am no expert in the subject by any stretch of the imagination but I would wager a rather large bet that the very beginnings of revolutions start this way?

A revolution is no different to a mass protest other than in numbers that the protesters cannot be stopped!

Then what happens?

Despite my own revulsion towards the people that think up and carry out these dastardly plans I do not agree in killing people. Well other than those than kill and torture children as there is nothing more dispicable with doing the same thing to animals following close behind.

But wait, pain and suffering is pain and suffering so the next obvious steps are adults and then disabled people?! But this is already happening to disabled people and deliberately and knowingly so too!

Now all the clues I could ever possibly give are all in this single solitary post!

Despite many misconceptions about me that may have occurred throughout the life of this blog I was not in a big rush to... correct any of them. I wanted readers to think whatever they wanted to. I did not xare what they thought along the journey as it only mattered to me what they thought at the end.

Where is this end?

I simply do not know.


Right here is a worrying reply from Nikon UK.

Here also is my REPLY to that worrying email.

Now I am feeling rather ill and in a little pain so I am going to leave it there for today, despite any other emails that might come from Nikon UK, Europe or Japan or indeed Argos.

If there is anything more I will post it up tomorrow and that also goes double for BBC Watchdog but I doubt I will hear anything other than the standardised fare they all send out, like Michael Meacher MP with the extra bit on only interested in the Atos/DWP fiasco, lol.

Stay vigilant! LMAO!


It has been suggested to me by many people that have seen my evidence that I contact BBC Watchdog and despite my reluctance due to reasons I will not go into I thought that at the end of the day the cat is out of the proverbial bag on this one at any rate so why not.

So I have emailed BBC Watchdog and gave them the address to this particular blog! I also gave them some snippets as to what I have on here regarding this camera and my...theories!

Now let us see what occurs, shall we?


Now you realise I cannot prove what i am about to type and I certainly cannot think of a way of proving it but...

The UK is in such a bad state that even people in wheelchairs are being kicked repeatedly in the never regions.

Despite the figures and mumblings in the Houses of Parliament the Dynamic Duo persist on their current path despite the wining from others.

We all know that these people decide on this big overseas business deals?!

We all now that despite losing our AAA credit rating in the UK, yet they still a patronizing to the public over this, we were one of the last countries to lose it, so not that big a deal to me.

We also borrowed a lot of money from other countries, some of those likely to be suffering themselves now?!

So how about this...

The UK Government forces UK retailers and stores to buy the faulty refurbished crap from all over the world at FULL PRICE and sells it to its naive public, or so they think, and over time and a certain number of years the losses that SAID countries and companies would have made over these products diminishes. Remember I said LOSSES and not PROFITS which could mean in the current climate the difference between surviving and FOLDING?!

If my current and latest Nikon Coolpix L810 had worked faultlessly it is possible I would never have remembered that Argos Seal over the box and snapped away for months quite happily and not made the link to Shop Direct and its Very and Littlewoods Catalogues?!

That is what I meant be being deceptively brilliant, of course I could be way off base here completely or it could be something slightly different?!

Well all these politicians have all these meetings about overseas trade and business and I have always wondered what in the world they could possibly talk about, outside of military supplies that is.

Or as I thought of it, yes we will take all your crap a full price and sell it to the dumb fecks while we will make money charging criminally large interest on it all and then insurance on top of that.

In the words of Del Boy ... 'Its a win, WIN! YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE?!'




You know this business with Nikon & Argos which actually started off with Very & Littlewoods catalogues has on this third tie around caused me to realise something!

I think I know exactly WHAT is going on and it explains many things in the media that have not made sense to me and especially with David Cameron and his sidekick George Osborne?!

It is deceptively simple and brilliant in its design I have to admit despite how bloody DASTARDLY and DECEITFUL it all is.

Most annoyingly is the fact that despite this knowledge and IF TRUE I cannot put it on here!! For the simple reason that IF TRUE it is the kind of thing that would make a great deal of powerful people want me to go away somewhere!!

AS mad is it sounds it is the simple fact that very few people would be privy to this knowledge and most certainly even explains how they are treating disabled people so badly currently along with jobless people too.

I always did think there would appear at some point some really stupid thing crop up that on the face of it seemed like nothing and even somewhat fantastical, albeit slightly, but that would actually be a piece that would fit right in to put it ALL INTO PERSPECTIVE?!

Hmm now my small worries about certain aspects of the UK have now grown in stature somewhat!


If I were to give it a name and title I would call it STEALTH AUSTERITY!!


Right I have emailed both Argos and Nikon UK and explained that I am well aware that I have been lied to and have told Argos I will speak to Nikon HQ in Japan!

I have also requested the email address of Nikon HQ Japan from Nikon UK but since then I managed to find a way to email them anyway... will be interesting to see if Nikon UK refuse to provide the email, lol.

Below is an email from Nikon Japan to state they have RECEIVED my EMAIL.

As I stated before folly and stupid to hide email addresses there is always a way to find out, ;)

I still refuse to believe that Nikon themselves would knowingly be behind something like this and do strongly think, as if this blog has not shown this many posts before now, that it is just more conjuring tricks going on in the UK to lie, trick and deceive us!!

Please God, NOT NIKON?!?! :(

Also on my Argos Receipt is states I could receive £1,000 for telling them about my experiences?!

What do you think my chances are?! LMAO!!

Anyway here is the initial reply from Nikon Japan in a screenshot...




Oh dear... the plot thickens further still!

It seems I had missed something today and that the Argos Quality Control seal sticker placed on eht box was not the only one?!

Underneat this was another sticker that had the word 'VOID' repeatedly printed over it and I had originally thought this part of the Argos Sticker. Now this was pointed out by a friend of mine visiting this morning, who his family all shop in Argos, and he could see for himself what I was saying and he then realised I had been scammed.

Just prior to him leaving I then realised I had an email from Nikon so he decided to stay as he was dying to hear what they had replied due to what I had insinuated to them in an email he could not stop laughing over...

...only it appears that before even telling them of the discovery of a second seal with the word 'VOID' that is NOT part of the Argos seal, who I have provided a laughable recording of a phone call with them stating they would never do that and insinuating that Nikon products are so crap that their lowly staff have to check every one that comes there way.

Well the chap from Nikon states that none of the boxes they receive ARE SEALED?!?!

EH? But wait! Did I not just type that there is a SECOND seal on the box that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ARGOS?! SO who is responsible for that second seal if not Argos or Nikon?!

I will now Email Nikon Japan!!

Here is the EMAIL...

Now would YOU be happy to discover that an expensive camera had been handled by various people of TWO SEPARATE COMPANIES each of which were NOT NIKON?!

Would a professional photographer or anyone buying a product involving their BUSINESS?!

Monday, 25 February 2013


Well I sent them an email only an hour ago, if that and lo and behold I get a call from Argos.

It was not a case of it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that I had accused them of selling refurbished products, as I have been a victim of this previously, but more a case of IT WAS A CASE OF CALLING ME BECAUSE I STATED IT WAS REFURBISHED as this guy absolutely drivelled on for ages about how there was not anything going on like that?!

I mean he really went on, and on, and on and to be honest I did not understand a bloody word of it and they say I talk fast?! LOL

There was talk of repair which is why I asked him to repeat himself and make himself clear and then I asked to simple questions...

1) If you only opened up the box for QUALITY CONTROL, as you state, then HOW DID YOU MISS that this item was not just faulty but VERY FAULTY...


2) Well it has YOUR SEAL over the edge of the box but WHY DID IT NOT HAVE ANY NIKON SEALS SEALING THE BOX?!


Yet he just spun out a whole bloody list of drivel quoting WHY THEY OPENED THE BOX?

What is Nikon dishing out CRAP PRODUCTS?

I have a number of companies that are big and small that every product I have had has been shite and failed to work and they are Philips and Technika the Tesco label and I STILL HAVE BOTH ITEMS!!

Funny actually I can honestly state that out of around ten electronic items I have PURCHASED AS NEW in the last 6 years the only ones that worked were fecking nicked from my by Bailiff Jason Reeves and Waltham Forest Council?!?!


Anyway here is the AUDIO...ENJOY!

WHAT THE F... lmao!! You just cannot make it up you really cannot?!


Well I was out today and just picking up a few items, plus a couple I had not planned on...

..while I was out a number of things occurred to me and I realise I was... 'sitting on something, so to speak and during my return journey it occurred to me that I should start creating some diagrams.

These will be shown every now and then and kind of joining of the DOTS. It is also beneficial in my plans that I show them one by one between now and April, 2013.

Now the first one is rough and I just got home and did it and I have DELIBERATELY EDITED it in such a way as to leave out two things.

Also it occurs to me now that each POSSIBILITY within the diagram can have its own separate but linked possibilities.

Also note that the ones with green edging are ones I thought more likely and the more VIVID GREEN they are the more likely I thought they were.

Also the ones in RED I thought less likely and the more VIVID RED they are the more LESS LIKELY I THOUGHT they would be...


The OBJECT of this EXERCISE is to not only show that it is POSSIBLE to make an income due to this and my other 11 blogs but also the VERY NUMEROUS possibilities that there are from it and each of these could have its own varying... SUB possibilities. Remember they are POSSIBILITIES and everything is possible!

Also you may realise that this diagram is likely to be fluid and dynamic and this could...change over time with more possibilities added.


Therefore this and the possibilities apply to each blog in turn and I I referred to in previous posts these are all and VERY RELEVANT means of making an income! ;)

Also when VIEWNG the above consider the Careers and JOB of the visitors to the BLOGS so you could think of each bog as a kind of self-advertising procedure...

...the more I type and add content the more people I will attract and this doubles every now and then, kind of like binary numbers if you understand that. Or exponentially were you have computer chips of 8 Bit, 16. Bit, 32 Bit and today 64 Bit in CPUS and higher in other chips like graphics for example.

Or to put it another way when I started this viewers visited singly on a daily basis then in twos then in fours and so and and so forth and I remember being surprised when it tipped over 200 in one day.

Therefore and much later as it builds up the money earned should FOLLOW SUIT! Pennies then ten pence increments, then pounds and so on and so forth. IN THEORY THAT IS!

Only it does not currently appear to be this way so I am working on something and have been a few weeks to see if it make a difference? Yes it is getting there and ever higher but just a little peculiar in all honesty.

So I have used not ONE but TWELVE BLOGS. I have put in a great deal of effort, time and of course MONEY into providing content and getting this to rise as fast as I possibly can on each. I have followed the rules and I have taken note of authors that have written and published books pointing out what you should and SHOULD NOT do when it comes to all this and have employed these methods.

So you can see that my back up plans have...back up plans which often themselves have... YOU GUESSED IT?! LMAO!

ALSO REMEMBER I AM SOMEWHAT LIMITED IN MY ABILITIES BY A RATHER GREAT DEGREE. ALSO REMEMBER I, or I should say WE, are offered no help but go through life with the governments CATTLE PROD up our arses telling us to go and get work. Do they even KNOW what the word means? I do not think so?!

You CANNOT make NOTHING from NOTHING and I am AT LEAST TRYING to make something out of next to nothing and with no help nor SUPPORT from anywhere.

But over the next EIGHT WEEKS I will at least show how some things are possible and perhaps more. I do not need nor want ALL in the diagram to pay off, I REALLY ONLY NEED ONE!!!

Though I dare say that there are large groups that will hope that one does not finally pay off, otherwise I could become a BIGGER PROBLEM or another group that will think I WILL NOT DO THIS ANYMORE?!

Maybe there are other factions with their own reasons for wanting me to do one or the other?!


I am a bit annoyed with myself as I just had a strange thing happen with my new Nikon Camera bought from Argos and in all honesty I cannot quite remember a message that came up on the screen.

What happened was I was trying to get some close of shots of my orchids and it was refusing to focus repeatedly while actually telling me each time it was in focus?! AGAIN!

All of a sudden the zoom started going in and out, that is a bit clunky too if I am honest, and then I thought 'Is this thing about to switch itself off??' and I glanced at the screen which was black and in writing was some bizarre message before it went out. Ooh thats nice, give you plenty of time to read it then?! I should have written it down while it was fresh in my mind instead of uploading and resizing photos but it was something like...

Watchdog mode time out? (Definitely 'Watchdog', 'Time & 'Out) were in the message!

Or something very similar and I have no idea what it means and I have not had it come up on my other Nikon in the years or more that I have owned it, despite a battered box and suspicions of its origin!

This is a real shame and I wonder if ANYTHING can be bought in the UK at present without it being substandard or something entirely different to that labelled like all this horse meat for beef garbage?!

A shame also because it is a nicely built thing and I AM familiar with the software and operating of the camera.

Some shots taken with my OTHER NIKON... Out of all one was blurry and it was difficult angle for light meter, I KNEW THIS! NOW MAKE NOTE OF BOTTOM THREE PHOTOS!

I will keep both cameras on me for several days now to see if I can get movie or pictures of the L810 doing its things, lol.

Added to this it has taken me god damn ages to load onto here a few photos at 30% their original size?! Whether this is down to my crap mobile broadband or Google I do not know.

Next THREE taken in sequence with the L810 and NO iffy angles?!



Actually reason why I took these shots was not for the blurry pictures, LMAO, no it was for what I referred to previously...the remnants of that ARGOS STICKER!!

Oddly and for a brand name like Nikon I should have been even more suspicious than I was when it said these cameras NOT covered by the thirty day money back thingy?!

But you know there comes a time when you think that your going over the top and it cannot be that widespread and not all bad and then TWO companies come along in a matter of days that go and prove you wrong! Hmm or is that RIGHT?! I don't bloody know.

COme to think of it is that TWO companies, or is that THREE COMPANIES?!


You know the people behind the new trickery might beg to differ, even the ones that gave the go ahead for it but a simple meeting with them face to face and a couple of questions to each and it will soon be shown who is right and who is wrong!

 All I wanted was a fecking working camera that does what I want it to?!

NOW I HAVE TWO and TOGETHER they do not cover it?! LMAO!

I would bet I have now laid out in excess of £700?!?! That is all I will say for that for now, lol.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Oh I am having a whale of a time with me picture EDITING?!?!


This has nothing to do with the previous posts regarding cameras, lol. No, no that is just some other crap that seems to be becoming RIFE in the UK I need to sort out and hopefully will be to my satisfaction and NOT a couple more wars to add on here and another couple of HUGE NAMES, lol.

No the other numbers thing I have referred to on here, A Dance With Numbers reference.

I am having a great deal of chuckles as I edit the pictures and just putting around a little sarcasm and as I add notes I kept realising I was getting the numbers too low, lol.

I did that several times too, hehe.

Now I have to do the exact same thing in about 28 days time and then I have to edit the whole thing and put in some pointers and other things. I am not fussed about it and it is very rough but very clear too and that is the objective on each occasion and to make it CLEAR!

I have also been increasing and will do a great deal of content just about everywhere on all the popular blogs, of which there are SIX, plus a couple of others out of the TWELVE that have been somewhat...NEGLECTED of late.

So one way or the other there WILL be a pretty big announcement, not the biggest mind you but big that comes later on. Well I say that but really I do not know.

It can go one way or the other and in BOTH instances it can be HUGE I guess?!

Indeed and far more unlikely but still POSSIBLE it can go BOTH WAYS?! Err I think?! LMAO!

Right I am off to slay some dragons and will post more across the blogs over the next five days, each and every day too!


Right now.... OK I have been watching a few things for a while now and I am getting close to actually showing something to you all...

...but I cannot say what it is nor who it is just yet.

I need another 30 days at least before I can be sure of what I know and I have been keeping screenshots and have just taken one and have EDITED it in a rather dramatic way!

It has lots of ARROWS, I like arrows lol, and also a fair bit of text too pointing out the problems contained herein along with many contradictions. I have others from previous but some things take time and a building up of the data before you can show to the world beyond a doubt that some things are most definitely UP?!

I also need to make a call towards other users of particular groups of things to come here when it actually goes up, JUST IN CASE YOU UNDERSTAND, to see the editing and layouts I have done and they can then copy the images and use them as they see fit!

It also seems to tie in yet again with this APRIL 2013 whereby everything seems to come together and if this does turn out to be the case, or at least in a way that then becomes obvious to all, in all honesty it was NOT by design. Or at least not CONSCIOUSLY BY DEIGN at any rate?!

So will likely be around 5 weeks, just to be sure, called Part ONE and be followed by a part TWO 30 days later...if I am still on here by then that is, LMAO!

I will state the the numbers are becoming more bizarre with each week that passes and it will be intriguing...NO RATHER EXCITING TOO to see what comes out of this particular venture?!

These will be titled as above and A Dance With Numbers Parts One and Two.

Nikon Coolpix L810 Half Price?! I think NOT!!

Well after attempting to purchase something else to help me in the pursuit of a small and measly monthly income I have lost due to totally inhuman and selfish people in the House of Commons I have gone for the walk to the shop and pay cash route.

This is because I did not want to get a repeat of what has happened via mail order catalogues and I went to my local Argos store.

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix L810 only to discover after only 48 hours that they seem to have caught the Shop Direct BUG and want a piece of their action?1

Oh dear.

After a photo session where half my shots looked out of focus and the camera telling me they were IN FOCUS it now turns out this camera is faulty?!

It is also repeatedly insisting on focusing and then refocusing TWICE before allowing you to take a picture?!

It also came in an unsealed box but with an Argos Sticker going over the edge of the front end of the box now making me think it was returned as faulty, or much worse i.e. AKA Shop Direct?!

Well THIS is what I really should have done...

I should have held on and bought something better after a couple of weeks when my money next came in while holding onto to half of what I was paid but this is really difficult to do and comes with its own sacrifices, pains and anguish that lasts not two weeks but a whole FOUR!!

But what am I to do? I had already stated that there is something else I would much rather be doing and building right now and that would actually stop me feeling physically sick and dizzy too.

That is even more out of reach than this more expensive camera but this is what I am going to have to do and later this week, if something is NOT sorted out between Nikon and Argos...

...I will have to get a refund and go and buy one of these...

Which is what I wanted in the first place?! The Olympus SP-810UZ 36x Zoom I saw for £98 that I lost based on a stupid rule and staff and company you cannot trust...


Now I have ended up with something not quite what I was after but would have bit the bullet and lived with it if NOT for its several faults!

So a Nikon P510 Bridge Camera now does seem ideal for all that I require of it?!

Let us hope that IF & WHEN I do get one it does not turn out to be another returned and faulty item that some idiot has not spotted, re-boxed and sent out to the next MUG?!?!


This all actually costs everyone you sell this stuff too and you are not the only ones that want money you know, just that your all underhanded in doing it.

Had it occurred to any of you but by performing this trickery it might come back to bite you in the arse and in more ways than you can hope to think of?!

Have you learned NOTHING from what has happened with the BANKS, POLICE, NHS, MEDIA & NEWSPAPERS?!

Well I would suggest that you DO learn and you do learn quickly as here is tip about human nature and that is with each time they realise they have been duped they get angrier each time. On a grand scale of hundreds thousands that will eventually become tens of millions this is not the most intelligent of ideas!!