Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Oh dear... the plot thickens further still!

It seems I had missed something today and that the Argos Quality Control seal sticker placed on eht box was not the only one?!

Underneat this was another sticker that had the word 'VOID' repeatedly printed over it and I had originally thought this part of the Argos Sticker. Now this was pointed out by a friend of mine visiting this morning, who his family all shop in Argos, and he could see for himself what I was saying and he then realised I had been scammed.

Just prior to him leaving I then realised I had an email from Nikon so he decided to stay as he was dying to hear what they had replied due to what I had insinuated to them in an email he could not stop laughing over...

...only it appears that before even telling them of the discovery of a second seal with the word 'VOID' that is NOT part of the Argos seal, who I have provided a laughable recording of a phone call with them stating they would never do that and insinuating that Nikon products are so crap that their lowly staff have to check every one that comes there way.

Well the chap from Nikon states that none of the boxes they receive ARE SEALED?!?!

EH? But wait! Did I not just type that there is a SECOND seal on the box that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ARGOS?! SO who is responsible for that second seal if not Argos or Nikon?!

I will now Email Nikon Japan!!

Here is the EMAIL...

Now would YOU be happy to discover that an expensive camera had been handled by various people of TWO SEPARATE COMPANIES each of which were NOT NIKON?!

Would a professional photographer or anyone buying a product involving their BUSINESS?!

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