Saturday, 23 February 2013


Well here it is and for those of you waiting to hear it, or not as the case may be and those of you who have come onto this blog later in 2013 and seen references to this tape and now found it after diving into the archived posts to look for it.

I will state that I had to edit SIX SECTIONS from it as that is how many times I was ASKED, while standing in the same building, for answers to security questions.

I skimmed it and I think I got them all?! LMAO!!

Like I said I was missed the raised voices at the beginning as I was trying to get past a woman who was on a go slow with her teenage child also doing the same and I was 30 yards from the building and the frustration from yet more people who do not give a monkeys whether you have a walking stick or not I then forgot to pull out my two devices and get them recording before I entered.

So i did it after he handed me this number, 2881, and I was trying to get an answer, annoyed me later when there were no fecking chairs and I realised I was phoning someone upstairs sitting on their fat backsides, figuratively speaking of course as I have now been labelled as a name caller, LMAO!


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